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Cynosure is built on the principles of peace, friendship and most of all, fun. We recognise that NationStates is a game above everything else. These principles help to guide the region in all things.


Cynosure is divided up into four lands, which each citizen chooses, and where their nation is said to inhabit. Each land has their own forum and can participate in friendly competition with the other lands.


The Senate is the legislative branch of the government, which any citizen can join after two weeks. Citizens elect the Councillor, who acts as the executive of Cynosure, and appoints the Council of Brilliance.


Cynosure is sci-fi themed and RGP (Role Gameplay) centred, meaning the region focuses on roleplay between each nation’s representatives in both government and non-government activities!

New to NationStates?

So, you’re a bit new huh? That’s not to worry. We all were once, and it’s quite a confusing place when you’re just starting out. NationStates does take a little while to get your head around but it is rather simple once you know how things work.

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New to NationStates?

Meet River

River is Cynosure’s Chat bot and the Central Intelligence (CI) in the regions RGP. Created by Wuufu and designed by Kirara on Deviantart, she serves both the Cynosure Discord channel and the region at large.

On Discord, her primary function is to assist users with their day to day activities. As such, she can easily store messages to give to people, help you search Google, provide links to Wikipedia pages, do various maths calculations, and a lot more. She is also more than capable of providing a variety of NationStates specific information, and she has a lot of emote-able commands.

For when you are ready to have some fun, she can run a game of Cards Against Humanity, Uno, and Poker in our specific channel for gaming, #river. Don’t be surprised if she surprises you, River may look cute but she’s more than capable.

As CI, her primary function is to ensure the stability and security of the digital infrastructure of Cynosure. While she rarely makes contact with representatives of nations, and even more rarely with each nations ordinary citizens, she does provide and maintain a lot of services across the region that require her cognitive powers.

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