Forum Guide

The Starport has many terminals, with a shuttle and underground train service to connect them.

Purpose: Connections to those external to the region

  • The Welcome Center is where those wishing to join the region first find themselves.
  • The Embassy Complex is where ambassadors go to get masked, and where the NS embassies are.
  • The World Assembly Hall is where the World Assembly is discussed.

The Krath Starport is the leading connection hub of the region, with services to intraregional, inner-regional and space bound locations. With just around thirty terminals, and just over one thousand gates, the port offers both a shuttle and underground train service to transport passengers to their desired terminal. The Embassy Complex is found to the South of the Starport and provides housing and offices for ambassadors, with a governmental terminal to allow priority transport within Cynosure.

The Cynosure Court is found just a little way from the base of Mount Rathu.

Purpose: Communications and Judicial hub

  • The Regional Announcements is where the Council of Brilliance and the Cynosure Order will post announcements on important happenings in the region.
  • The Media Center is where citizens (and the government) may post media on NS and RL.
  • The Cynosure Court is the highest judicial Court in the region and handles regional legal cases.

Athradu is known for their education and research focus, and the Athradu Sky City is the height of their prowess. The city holds the leading University of the region, the headquarters of a lot of regional media companies, including the regional government’s own, and the Cynosure Court.

The Dome of Light is a regional cultural masterpiece. The building on the left is the hotel, and to the right is the cultural hub.

Purpose: Discussion, Culture (fun and games) and Roleplay

  • The Cynosure Cantina is the place to go for general discussion.
  • The Dome of Light is where all the cultural activities that isn’t NationStates nation based roleplay goes; including forum games, video games and non-RGP roleplay.
  • The Seaside Boardwalk is for spam posting.

The Maderos Central Plaza is found on the Southern most tip of one of the larger islands in the archipelago. Making up the centerpiece of the seaside resort, it is one of the cultural and tourist hubs of the region.

This road junction in a nation within Athradu showcases the architectural prowess of the region.

Purpose: Role GamePlay (roleplay as our nations)

  • The RGP Corner is the central place for non roleplay (NRP) discussion.
  • The Nation Information is where to go to put your factbooks, embassies, and regional treaty information.
  • The Nation Roleplay area contains forums for all kinds of different roleplay focuses; this is where the fun happens!
  • The Area Roleplay are for longer running roleplays that focus on special areas of interest, such as the Cynosure College and the Cynosure Senate.

Many nations in the region form individual treaties and pacts outside of the Cynosure Senate, and many do not even attend Senate discussions. It is up to individual nations as to how they interact with other nations in the region, and in the wider world.

The Cyno Senate Tower is the large glass skyscraper found near the back.

Purpose: Government and Elections

  • The Council of Brilliance is where the Executive powers of the region manage and officiate regional affairs.
  • The Senate Floor is where the directly democratic Legislative body conducts its business.
  • The Election Bureau is used for both elections and referenda in the region.

The Cyno Senate Tower is the heart of the Cynosure Regional Government, and contains the offices of the Councillor and the Council of Brilliance, alongside the Senate Halls. With the Council taking up the majority of the tower, the bottom few floors are left to the Senate, with the Election Bureau given the eighth floor.

The Cynosure Order Temple is found on the outskirts of the Cyno city.

Purpose: Administration

  • The Technical Bay is where you can discuss the forums and website and any issues you have.

The Cynosure Order is a regional administrative group tasked with the administration of public property, and the enforcement of law. With agents in all parts of the world, the Order works with nation law enforcement to ensure peace and stability in the region.