Nexus Conflict Board

All conflicts between Client's must be registered with the Nexus Conflict Board, and should follow the rules of conflicts as stated.

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Nexus Conflict Board

Postby Wuufu » Fri Nov 30, 2018 11:38 am

e. Disputes between Clients can only be resolved through conflict if the involved parties register their dispute with the Nexus Conflict Board
f. Once a registered Conflict, the Clients involved must set forth their rules of engagement. These rules are defined by the Clients with the following restrictions:
  1. The Rules of Engagement must establish the aims of the conflict. Once the aims are achieved, the conflict is concluded
  2. The conflict must be restricted to the defined Conflict Zone established by the Nexus Conflict Board. The size of this zone will reflect the size and scope of the relative Clients in involved.
  3. The Conflict Zone may be an area of the Nexus or part of a universe allocated to the Conflict
  4. The techniques used to resolve the conflict must relate the scale of the conflict and the Clients involved.
  5. Devices more than 5 technology levels more than the target are banned.
  6. The Nexus Conflict Board reserves the right to stop any conflict within the Nexus or restrict movement to conflicts outside of the Nexus.
  7. Third parties may only join a conflict upon application to the Nexus Conflict Board

Not Roleplay
All Conflicts should be lodged with the Nexus Conflict Board here, even if they don't intend to take place in Conflict Zones. We will work with you to ensure all conflicts are fun for the players who participate in them.
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