The Reuploaded (WIP)

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The Reuploaded (WIP)

Postby Uomi » Fri Dec 07, 2018 5:41 am

I tend to question on whether the same person emerges after transference...
- Anonymous


Uomi has entered a new age. Death, disease, all misery has been wiped clean from the nation. The year 2378 UIC (Uomian International Calender), Uomian corporation Masakado’s Creations officially finalizes the process known as Uploading to perfectly transfer the consciousness of a living being into another location. The vast majority of Uomians have left the physical universe to reside in the system simply known as The Simulation.

The Simulation

The Simulation is a network where all the Reuploaded, Uomian citizens that have been Uploaded, reside in. The Simulation is considered a paradise as individual Reuploaded often create their own “servers” or realities separate from the Primary Hub. Each individual server can be modified to perfectly and simultaneously simulate a universe from all of the individual atoms that compose an insect all the way to largest of supernovas occurring trillions of light years away with the Reuploaded individual being constantly aware of it all. The sheer amount of control and information the Reuploaded possess often leaves them reluctant to ever leave their own server, thus many are known to possess the phenomenon simply classified as God Syndrome.

The Primary Hub is where all matters of government and activities relating to the physical world take place and is also meant to be a place where information can be freely shared among all Uomian citizens. Every Uomian citizen, even of non-Reuploaded status are able to access the Primary Hub. As a True Democracy, every Uomian casts a vote through the Primary Hub. Each issue is thoroughly read, discussed, and reread in seconds, often alotting the extra seconds in time toward those citizens that are not Reuploaded. The voting process is overseen by the most power of Artificial Intelligences and by the The Eye of Uomi, the collective will of Uomi. Decisions made in the Primary Hub directly effect the actions of the Uomian Delegates.

In addition it should be noted that time within the The Simulation is perceived faster, often Reuploaded that possess physical bodies often find the physical world to be agonizingly slow. Reuploaded that spend extended periods of time within the physical world for several hours often return to their own realities only to find that the equivalent of several millennia have passed in terms of activity.

The Reuploaded

The Reuploaded are Uomian citizens that have underwent the process known as Uploading. The Reuploaded are no longer confined to a physical body and instead have transferred their consciousness to the network known as The Simulation and often store several backup copies physically and/or in separate networks. The Reuploaded are able to occupy a physical location either biological or mechanical origin. In addition they are capable of storing themselves in other networks or even multiple combinations of bodies and networks, forming a miniature hive mind entity.

Bio Printers are very capable of producing a physical organic body that can produce the same physical sensations that a biological being would be capable of experiencing and more. The Reuploaded are able to grow and then occupy the bodies of an entirely different species than what they originally were prior to the Uploading. Some Reuploaded are even known to create entirely new species altogether.

Occupying machines is also common for Reuploaded visiting the physical world. Several of the more mechanical variants of the Asuras and Rakshasas, or the humanoid Kollossae walkers reserved for military conflict see major use among the Reuploaded. However anything from flying drones to security systems may be occupied. Few Reuploaded will occupy major space vessel classes such as the Vimanas or General Habitation Structures(GHS) as those are positions reserved for the far more capable Artificial Intelligences and bear a heavier load of responsibility.

The Reuploaded are one of the few species that death truly never touches. The death of a body in the physical realm does not equate to the death of the individual Reuploaded. In addition the vast majority of the Reuploaded population have saved multiple copies of themselves that are constantly updated to ensure that even if their data within the The Simulation is destroyed, they will never truly cease to exist.

The Reuploaded as a whole have lost interest with the affairs of the physical realm and only leave The Simulation fully to deal with direct threats to the Uomian Collective. However it is common practice for Reuploaded to create fully autonomous copies of themselves to enter the physical world on their behalf.

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