Appointment of LordSylveon as Sage

The highest judicial court in Cynosure can be found nestled at the base of Athradu's biggest mountain range.

Appointment of LordSylveon as Sage

Postby Gibraltarica » Wed Mar 23, 2016 1:30 am

In accordance with the recent constitutional amendment, as well as the constitution as follows:
5.1. The Cynosure Court shall be comprised of three Sages (justices) who shall be appointed, one each, from the Senate and Councillor, and one of whom shall be the Grand Master, unless they choose to appoint someone in their stead. The Senate shall have the power to appoint their Sage through a binding resolution.

I hereby appoint LordSylveon as Sage. I would also like to recommend the Senate choose their sage soon, in order to maintain the odd number of Sages.
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