Carolus Ante Bilijthor

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Carolus Ante Bilijthor

Postby Großadmiral V » Sat Mar 19, 2016 10:25 pm

"We don't just sell weapons; We sell innovation, We sell victory, We sell the future of warfare."

Carolus Ante Bilijthor (sometimes abbreviated to CA-B), is an arms and armour manufacturing company - owned by the crown of Ukarist - which specialises in producing more unusual innovations - from gigantic siege guns to experimental warfare equipment. They have only recently re-emerged into the market, after going largely inactive during an internal conflict, but many of their operational vehicles serve as the jewels in the pride of Ukarist - their military.

Service 1
CA-B's 1st service is to produce completely unique projects to the description given by a client. They make use of an extensive design team, and a highly flexible manufacturing centre in order to fabricate even the largest, most complicated designs (but do not usually work on a nanoscopic level).
[+] Service 1 Request Form
[b]Client Name - [/b] HERE
[b]Name of Project - [/b] HERE
[b]Detailed Description of Project - [/b] (Include specific parameters for any weapons, and dimensions) HERE
[b]Any Other Details - [/b] HERE

Service 2
CA-B's 2nd service is production of products designed specifically for sale to the general foreign market. These products are referred to as 'licensed'.
Licensed Products:
#012 - 400mm Cannon
A deadly 40cm cannon designed for easy mounting on large vehicles or as a stationary defence, the CB40 has effective and compact recoil absorbers to make it far more feasible for a variety of space-restricted or mobile designs.
#231 - Ukaristi Combat Engineering Tractor
A fairly nimble and compact tracked vehicle, the UCET has mounting points for a scoop, crane, bridge layer, mine spreader, anti-mine flail, attack denial system module, and others, which can be removed outside of battle to give the vehicle great flexibility as the workhorse of a nations battlefield engineering division.
#832 - Personnel Automated Mortar System
An 82mm mortar that may be quickly and easily deployed by mechanised engineers onto the battlefield, and then left in a stationary position. The mortar will then coordinate with a targeting system in order to attack, without need for crew. The targeting may be done via a compact laser designator system for personnel, or by other designator means on a vehicle. The mortar has a clip of 8 shots, which can quickly be replaced by an engineer should they wish for continuous use. Otherwise, it could simply destroy a fortified position from the remote location, and then be recovered after the mission.
[+] Service 2 Request Form
[b]Client Name - [/b] HERE
[b]Product Code - [/b] HERE
[b]Quantity - [/b] HERE
[b]Modifications - [/b] HERE

Service 3
CA-B may also be able to produce copies of other products not designed for the mass market (these must be CA-B products).
[+] Service 3 Request Form
[b]Client Name - [/b] HERE
[b]Product Code - [/b] HERE
[b]Quantity - [/b] HERE
[b]Modifications - [/b] HERE
[b]Intended Purpose - [/b] HERE

Service 4
Finally, CA-B may modify, retrofit, refit, or repair existing vehicles, of any kind.
[+] Service 4 Request Form
[b]Client Name - [/b] HERE
[b]Vehicle to be modified - [/b] HERE
[b]Service Required - [/b] HERE
[b]Notes - [/b] HERE
[b]Intended Purpose - [/b] HERE
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