Contract for Aeternum suppliers of Deuterium

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Contract for Aeternum suppliers of Deuterium

Postby Großadmiral V » Tue Oct 25, 2016 12:08 am

The Ukaristi Ministry Of Defense reaches out to the Aeternum corporations NRL, Infernos, and V&AA with a contract for military grade Cold Fusion Cells to special specifications.
The contract details the need for a "trustworthy and reliable" supplier who would be able to produce large quantities of the item at the minimum price, whilst meeting acceptable parameters for quality and timeliness.
Furthermore, an additional contract for the Deuterium fuel itself is offered, including what the Ukaristi describe as "high (99.99%) and standard (99%) grade purity".

As an MoD contract, they require upmost security and confidentiality. Representative parties are available to explain in best and furthest possible detail all disclosable information regarding the contract and it's nature, for interested corporations, if necessary.
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