The Ostyrlands - Government Acquisitions Office

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The Ostyrlands - Government Acquisitions Office

Postby Großadmiral V » Sat Feb 11, 2017 6:36 pm

The Ostyrlands - Government Acquisitions Office
For all official foreign government purchases from The Ostyrlands.
Trending Products
Royal Marechausee Police Revolver .357
Developed for the Keninklik Maresjausee - The Gendarmerie force of the The Ostyrlands, the Royal Marechausee Police Revolver .357, or RMPR.357, allows for an effective solution for both policing civilian and armed threats.
Easy to train for, the RMPR.357 gives unparalleled flexibility as armament for policing forces, combined with our famously durable and compact design.

Revolver: 500 EIM
Box of Regular Ammunition (12 Rounds): 0.33 EIM
Box of Rubber Rounds (12 Rounds): 0.52 EIM
Box of Incendiary Ammunition (12 rounds): 1 EIM
Box of Hydrochloric Acid Rounds (12 Rounds): 1.2 EIM
Crate Ammunition (120,000 of each): 130,000 EIM (14,000 EIM discounted)

* Ostyrian Entracht Marks, or equivalent in foreign currency, as directed by the Central Bank of The Ostyrlands at time of purchase
** Warranty is void if foreign rounds are used, or if any modifications have been made
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