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RGP Forum Rules

Postby Wuufu » Fri Jun 26, 2015 9:58 pm

Cynosure is an RGP (Role Gameplay) region. That means certain areas are designated as roleplay areas, and you are encouraged to post as the representative(s) of your nation. This runs parallel with NRP (non-roleplay) areas of the forum.

RGP Rules
  • Cynosure is Post-Modern Tech (MT). You are allowed to have a modern or pre-modern tech nation. The Senate should pass a law to help with the record and management of active tech in the region, and no alternative or future tech may be used in roleplay without appropriate legislation from the Senate. In addition, see this Legally Binding Directive on Space Tech and WMDs.
  • Cynosure has the RGP year 2321 at the time of passing with a 2:1 correlation, such that the RGP year increments twice in an NRP year. (Time of passing: July 2015)
  • You may have any species in your nation, and if you do so, this species becomes unique to your own nation. You may use another nation's species but only with their direct permission.
  • In non-governmental areas, all threads created shall be considered to be owned by the originator of the thread, who shall have power of posing additional rules as they see fit. Senate threads shall be considered with shared ownership, and Executive threads in any forum shall be considered managed and officiated by the Council of Brilliance.
  • No godmodding; that is, no controlling in any way a nation, its government, its citizens or anything to do with that nation, that does not belong to you.
  • No nation, NPC or PC, may be permitted to have more than 4,500,000,000 people. In addition, a nation's population may only be defined by the population of their largest puppet in Cynosure, or up to the population ceiling, in case their nation has more than 4,500,000,000 people.
  • No nation may have more than 5% of their population in active duty without economic repercussions, and no nation may have more than 10% of their population in active duty unless they are in a crisis that threatens their nation's existence, and the war has come to their home territory.
  • The rate of a shield's deflection shall be equal to the equation of y=1-(.99x), with x being the kilowatts being invested into it. No shield may be impenetrable by bullets and lasers. In addition to this, no material may be construed to produce an impenetrable shield.
RGP Warfare Rules
  • Warfare between nations inside Cynosure shall be allowed providing these listed rules are followed, that there is consent to the warfare from all roleplayers involved, and that no godmodding occurs.
  • Before engaging in warfare, all roleplayers must decide upon and consent on the system that shall be used to roleplay battles, along with any specific numbers with regards to military units and national resources as required by the chosen system. Systems that can be used to roleplay battles include, but are not limited to:
    • Abstract warfare; that is roleplaying battles without specific numbers involved.
    • Numeric warfare; that is roleplaying battles with specific numbers given up front.
    • Use of Beyond Tabletop.
  • When engaging in warfare, all roleplayers must consent on every action that involves them in a specific way. Any failure to consent between two or more players shall be roleplayed as a stalemate between the military forces.
  • In order to end warfare, all roleplayers must either pull out of the warfare through surrender, a diplomatic peace treaty, victory, or abstinence from the roleplay. With regards to ending warfare through abstinence, this shall occur when the roleplayer fails to reply to a warfare post within a minimum of seven days after they are deemed required to post, and shall be roleplayed as a simple surrender.
  • Under no circumstances should there be any action within warfare that is not consented to by those directly involved in that action.
Weapons of Mass Destruction
  1. The following forms of weapons are banned from being used in foreign soil without permission from target nation(s) beforehand
    ----Nuclear Strikes, including any other large scale city busters, which includes but is not limited to anti-matter weapons, large stores of conventional explosives, and orbital mass driver strikes.
    ----Chemical or Biological weapons of any form
    ----Digital weapons of mass destruction
  2. The any weapon or attack that has repercussions for multiple nations, or Cynosure as a whole, such as
    ----Nuclear Fallout/Radiation Poisoning
    ----Regional Climate Shifts
    ----Regional Geological destabilization
    ----Regional digital damage
    Or any other method of hurting the region of Cynosure, are banned unless given express permission from Wuufu.
  3. Actively testing WMDs is prohibited outside of a nation’s lands. This includes any water that falls under their control. No WMD testing may be conducted within 100 miles of another nation, and all nations will be required to follow this act.
NPC Nations
  • NPC Nations come in two varieties, PAN (Player Additional Nations) and NON (Neutrally Organised Nations).
  • PAN (Player Additional Nations) are secondary nations that can be created by roleplayers in addition to their primary nation by the posting of a second defined factbook under their forum username, with the prefix PAN. Each roleplayer may have only one additional PAN nation.
  • PAN nations are affected by all normal RGP rules and related regulations as primary nations, except that they must have a reduced size on the map as decided by the map management team. They should also be less powerful and influential than a roleplayers primary nation.
  • Roleplayers should think carefully about the extra energy needed in maintaining a PAN, and if they feel they lack this energy, should consider giving their own territory more independence, a state within their own nation instead.
  • NON (Neutrally Organised Nations) are regional nations that can be played by any roleplayer across the region. The region must create these either through the Senate or from the Councillor, or delegated Executive official, through the definition of a NON specific nation factbook with the prefix NON.
  • NON nation factbook's can be updated at any time either through the Senate or from the Councillor, or delegated Executive official, providing it it publicly announced.
  • NON nations are affected by normal RGP rules but these can be overridden as decided upon by the region. The map management team has full discretion on adding these nations to the map, if relevant.
  • The Councillor, any delegated official with roleplay related duties, and the Grand Master, shall have the power to remove any NPC nation that fails to remain active and/or is contravening these RGP Rules.
Law Application
  • The Constitution and Law is applicable both across RGP and NRP areas of the forum.
  • The Cynosure Court shall decide on whether the case presented to them shall happen in the RGP or the NRP court room and open the case appropriately. All Terms of Conditions violations shall occur NRP.
  • Given the integration of RGP into the region, any violations of these roleplay rules may incur an NRP court case.
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