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Nation Military Makeup

Postby Wuufu » Tue Nov 01, 2016 10:31 am

Right, so I'm going to make a concerted effort to get more involved in the region and especially the RP in the region this month. However, in order to do that, I feel I need to get my military organised.

Now, I'm not a military RP-er. In fact, I have very little interest in the military, and I think this definitely comes through in the way I RP. That being said, a nation needs a military! And I need some advice from those who have fully working ones.

So I'd like to ask for some help and advice from people. How have you developed your militaries? What is needed for a good military to RP, and what isn't? If we can gather some guidelines on how to develop a good nation military, we could probably develop a guide that will help more than just me :)
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Re: Nation Military Makeup

Postby Xah » Tue Nov 01, 2016 11:56 am

Now, this is only my opinion, but it's where I start from when deciding on military matters.

First thing; why do you have your armed forces? Are you an insecure nation with belligerent neighbours you need to disuade from invading? Are you a nationalistic nation who sees strong armed forces as a source of pride? Are you largely pacifist but still feel the need for a self-defence force? Are you obliged by international treaty to either sustain a certain level (like NATO) or keep it under a certain level? This all sets the scene for what kind of funding your armed forces are going to get. Is it a struggle to keep funding? Or does the government throw money at your armed forces like its going out of fashion?

Secondly; is it a volunteer force, or conscripts? Volunteer forces are (usually) smaller but better equipped and trained, along with a much better basic morale (that's quite dependant on other factors though - a volunteer force for a safe, comfortable nation might have a lower morale than conscripts from a highly nationalistic one). Conscription gives you a huge base to call upon, but chances are you're not going to have troops of outstanding quality and their equipment is going to be cheap and mass-produced.

Third; these days you've got army, navy and air force; post-modern is likely to have maybe one or two others. Are these divisions distinct, with their own chains of command? Or is your armed forces fully integrated? Fully integrated isn't very common, but there's no reason why is has to be. The main reason why is it is historical and most modern armed forces overlap a lot.

Fourth; doctrine. Are you going for lots of infantry? A strong tank corp? Relying on air force? This often is based on the home nation; if you've wide plains and lots of flat land, you're probably going to have lots of armoured vehicles and fight your battles fast and quick; land is for moving on to get to your target, the actual front line is fluid and goals are strategic and fixed (like cities and so on). If you're an island nation then you're going to have a strong navy, with the idea that any enemy will struggle to land significant numbers of troops, so your army can be smaller and easy to move (typically infantry). If your nation is mountains and valleys, then tanks and ships are going to struggle, so infantry and air support rules.

Fifth; resources. A rich, well established, secure nation is going to have all of the above. It makes sense to cover all your bases. If your finances are limited, you're going to focus on something achievable and probably stick to what you're best at. Some fairly poor nations have outstanding, small units of troops as they focus their limited funds on something specific. Other poorer nations have giant armies that would fold like wet tissue if ever seriously challenged.

That's my few pennies worth, take it as you will. I'm no expert though, so it could all be wrong :)
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Re: Nation Military Makeup

Postby Großadmiral V » Tue Nov 01, 2016 1:06 pm

So, obviously I've talked to you, Wuufu, on the Discord about this, but I'll just type out a little guide here too. Edit: I got bored, and will just make some quick comments on Xah's post.

In response to Xah's second point, I'm not entirely sure that's relevant. Most modern armies intend to be at peace, and will use professional soldiers, and if they ever wanted to expand they would have a large number of officers pre-trained for organizing this.. The professional soldiers get a good deal of training if in a more developed country with a good budget. Otherwise, a nation may employ a larger number of professionals, and they might gain some experience on the job of doing other peace-time duties.
Voluntary and Forced Conscription however, are terms to be used when you are at war. In which case, what's written is good.

For the 3rd point, I advise caution - this doesn't need to get too complicated. A simple outline of what major branches your armed forces has is probably enough, when combined with a little bit of doctrine. ;)

Otherwise, your examples for doctrine are good, but there are plenty more ways of doing them.
If you want something custom, see someone with a lot of knowledge, otherwise, I'd recommend looking at a few armies with similar political or geographical backgrounds as your own, and try to visualize how they'd go about their business. :L

[+] What I had written before I got bored
I've directly studied the World War II organisation and doctrines of the Wehrmacht (Especially Ostheer and Afrika Korps), Soviet Union (Esp. On the "Eastern Front" (Which is Russia's West), and in Finland), and the Finnish armed forces. Furthermore, I've looked into a lot of the modern armies in my spare time.

I wrote my own doctrine for my own nations, and I've changed them several times too. I also help out here and there in various RP places with this sort of thing.

Xah has written it fairly well.
However, having made a few myself, I would organize the whole matter slightly differently.

Indeed, the political matter behind the army.
(Immediately, special nations such as North Korea stand out, for being at war, and possibly a bit mad. Let's not get confused by their goings-on.)

Do your armed forces participate in warfare abroad? (E.g. US Army, Russian Fed.)
Is your armed forces a dedicated self-defense force? (E.g. Japan)

And yes, any national treaties that may obligate your military to be certain things, and meet certain standards.

Defensively-Orientated Armed Forces
Think of Switzerland, Japan, Iceland, Finland.
Their doctrines, as Xah explains, reflect their natural/geographical and political situation. They do not hope for any attack on their part, and realize they will have to give ground in the event of an invasion.

Think of Norway, Sweden, Poland.
Occasionally, these nations will take part in little engagements here and there. They're not particularly threatened politically. They are professional.

A Few 'Far Eastern' Examples
China, North Korea, Indonesia... they all have rather large militaries, one could argue.
China is a superpower. They bully nations around, especially at sea. Their large standing army is wary of certain dissidents, but being usually stable, it's more a show of power.
North Korea is at war. And probably slightly crazy. Their political issues mean a large army is necessary to keep the autocracy in place, and just in case they want to invade the South or something one day.
Indonesia conquered a few bits here and there, back in the day. Their navy is one for maintaining power and of defense of their archipelago. They have a large army, but it does a lot of policing. It's probably that big because they cannot achieve the quality of a more developed country - for example, they are still using the (lovely) FV 101 Scorpions - they cannot afford to get the best tech, nor training.
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