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Factbook Template (simple)

Postby Xah » Thu Feb 09, 2017 3:37 pm

It seems a few people have expressed an interest lately in wanting to have a Factbook entry for their nation, but being entirely unsure of what to put in it and even how to present it. In my view, a Factbook, however brief, is a good way to instigate RP and lets other players known where they stand. To this end, I've rustled up this simple Factbook template that anyone can use to start their Factbook page. It's quite simple, just cut and paste the bit below into a new topic in the Factbook thread (http://cynosure.wuufu.co.uk/forums/viewforum.php?f=47), making sure you title it with the name of your nation. There we go, Factbook started! After that it's easy; invite questions about your nation and make a note of your answers and ideas, or ask people what they think a nation like yours would do, or have, for a given topic. It doesn't have to be pretty, with pictures, coloured fonts and so on, it's just information.

The template:

Code: Select all

[b]Name of nation:[/b]
[b]Brief description of nation:[/b]
[b]Brief description of government:[/b]
[b]Attitude to other nations:[/b]
[b]Interesting facts known to the outside world:[/b]
[b]Things likely to want to export:[/b]
[b]Things likely to want to import:[/b]

An example:

Name of nation: The Federation of Xah
Population: 60 million
Species: Human(ish). See later
Brief description of nation: Founded 300 years ago by a group of people seeking to take control over human genetics. Located in half a dozen or so hive cities above the arctic circle, has recently ended an isolationist policy to open up trade and international treaties. Notoriously closed up, Xah still refuses to allow foreign vistors to visit anywhere but the embassies in its capital city, Caltarn, without special permissions. A world leader in genetics, Xah's main source of income comes from the vast uranium mines dotted around Xah.
Brief description of government: Xahian society is split into seven castes that form the foundation of its society. Caste identity is core to Xahians and are led by a Leader caste. The other castes are: Farmer, Technical, Engineer, Warrior, Mother and Worker. All castes but the Worker caste run a strict eugenics system of procreation, the Worker caste being made up of rejects from the other six castes.
Attitude to other nations: Open to trade deals and alliances that do not expect access to internal markets or cultural exchange.
Interesting facts known to the outside world: The Warrior caste, who are hired out to anyone who can afford them, are genetically engineered 7.5' giants.
Things likely to want to import: Seed stocks, complex machinery and robotics
Things likely to want to export: Nuclear material, genetic expertise, mercenaries.

After, I highly suggest you add some realism and read and contribute to this thread: http://cynosure.wuufu.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=874
It'll give some hard numbers to your nation that puts it into perspective against others.
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