Khmetian Accords backroom discussion

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Khmetian Accords backroom discussion

Postby Xah » Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:11 am

I created this thread so that we can all hash out the contents of the Khmetian Accords currently being RPed without bogging down the actual RP with the, let's face it, dull parts of diplomacy.

If it's like 'normal' international negotiations, most of the work happens behind the scenes, involving aides and professional negotiators, and the actual talky-talk with the VIPs is for show and posturing. This thread is NRP so we can discuss the potential non-RP aspects of a binding Cynosure-wide treaty, but also come up with a workable document we can propose in the Senate and get passed as a piece of the RGP rules.

So, Khmet has created a preliminary document which it will raise with the conference with the following proposal;

  1. This treaty describes the nature, rights and responsibilities of member of the <insert name of organisation here>, hereby referred to as 'The Organisation'.
  2. Every nation within Cynosure has the right to representation in the The Organisation. This representation is voluntary and no nation shall be forced to join. This does not prevent membership of The Organisation being a condition for trade deals or other such treaties, but such a thing is left up to involved parties.
  3. The purpose of The Organisation is to foster and enable discussion between the nations of Cynosure, to encourage open debate and to help prevent conflict.
  4. Any member of The Organisation may bring a topic for consideration for discussion simply by raising it
  5. Participating members have three days from the announcement of a ballot to cast their vote
  6. Discussions that require a statement or action from The Organisation are called 'Resolutions'. Resolutions may be proposed within a discussion by any participating member.
  7. Any participating member may then propose ammendments to a resolution, which requires a simple majority from all participating members
  8. Resolutions become official after a two thirds vote of all members of The Organisation. Votes for resolutions are weighted for each nation based on size and influence
  9. Resolutions are binding upon the nations mentioned within, non-compliance with a resolution shall subject the non-compliant nations with any sanctions as deemed necessary by members of The Organisation
  10. The Organisation reserves the right to establish its own military force for peacekeeping and resolution enforcement purposes. The nature and composition of said force shall be the subject of another treaty.

Feel free to discuss it here NRP and we'll come to an agreement that can then be RPed out within the RP thread.
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Re: Khmetian Accords backroom discussion

Postby Wuufu » Wed Mar 29, 2017 8:17 am

"ammendments" to "amendments"

Otherwise, looks fairly standard. The Temple negotiators are happy with this as it stands.
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