The Athradu Treaty Organization

A place to view and ratify regional treaties. This can be both the public ones the Senate passes, and the private ones between individual nations.

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The Athradu Treaty Organization

Postby AgentNickLandor » Fri May 06, 2016 3:46 pm

 We, the great peoples of The Republic of the Grottobay, The Federation of Xah, The Federation of Valdaerna and the Peoples Republic of Valacia agree to live in a state of peace and mutual aid.
With this pact, all parties, individually and collectively, ensure and assure one another that:

* No member of either Alliance will, at any time or for any reason, unlawfully attack a member city under the protections of this treaty.
* If called upon to defend the lives and treasures of its ally, each above-named Nation will come to the willing and generous aid of the other.
* Trade between the Nation will be conducted in a fair and open manner. Each Nation will stand responsible for any failure of good faith on the part of its members, and will certify all goods and services promised by its members are delivered as promised.
* Conditions and limitations of this treaty include but may not be limited as follows:
* The protections of this treaty are limited to the signatories of this pact, and do not extend to further allies of either party.
* Neither ally is expected nor required to come to the aid of an ally acting as a willing aggressor. Either party may select to act according to its own laws and policies, but the other is not obligated to join any conflict initiated by the free will of the other party to this agreement.
Let this document serve as a bond between our people for as long as the light rises on the seas of Athradu. We agree to the terms of this treaty on September 11 of 2322 and will strive to honor it fully.  We also recognize that the Diplomat of each Nation has the power to officially cancel this treaty should time or circumstances require it.
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