Sentral Sáttmálans Skipulag

A place to view and ratify regional treaties. This can be both the public ones the Senate passes, and the private ones between individual nations.

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Sentral Sáttmálans Skipulag

Postby Großadmiral V » Wed Jul 20, 2016 6:46 am

Sentral Sáttmálans Skipulag - Central Treaty Organisation
SSS was originally the Scandzic Sáttmálans Skipulag, a 307 year-old idea which was formed at the same time as the Scandzic Fríverslunarsamningur (Free Trade Agreement).
The organization constitutes a system of collective defence whereby its member states agree to mutual defence in response to an attack by any external party.

Protect member nations and their vital interests from non-member belligerents, as a defensive pact

Protect the rights of member nations within their territorial waters
Protect the flow of trade between member nations within national and international waters

SSS headquarters are located in Sverinovo, near lake Centrala.

The applicant state must be a fully-independent, self-governing sovereign state, recognized by the treaty organisation.
The applicant state must have a military in excess of 500,000 personnel.
The applicant state must participate in SSS conferences by ensuring a representative is available.
The applicant state must be accepted by vote of member states.

Host - Autokratiske Unitær Stat Af Sverinovo
Member - Militära Republiken Of Ukarist

Joint Task Force
SSS Armerte Styrker (SSS-AS) is a joint military force which all member nations contribute to. Currently, a total 2.5 million personnel are attributed specifically to the Joint Task Force.
This group is designed to form the primary reaction force of the treaty organisation, defending the headquarters and being readily available for mobilization in defense of a member nation. It is also capable of pre-emptive strikes if necessary.

[+] SSS-AS Equipment
Not Roleplay

Small Arms
Personnel Anti-Tank
Personnel Explosives
Non-Combat Vehicles
Naval Forces

SSS members use standardization to allow for greater production efficiency, and greater communication and understanding between the member states.
[+] Military Ranking
To allow for more easy recognition of the value of a rank across the differing militaries, SSS member nations use up to 9 OR and up to 10 OF ranks, with the highest number being the highest rank of that grouping.

[+] AFV Designation
Vehicles in SSS member nations may be designated accordingly: [Primary][Secondary] - [Tertiary][Quarternary]
SVAI T-9 "Bardagipanzer" (Mark 9 SVAI Chassis)
Strv - 239 I

O55-M4-J183 "Rodvyret" (Mark 4 A-V Chassis)
Jegdstrv - 342 D

[None] - described as a secondary term only
Stri - command post vehicle
Rlp - signals vehicle
Sjvp - Military ambulance
Lvr - anti-air missile
Pvr - ATGM carrier
Pv - Mobile Anti-Tank gun
Jegd - Tank Destroyer

Bv - Personnel Carrier
Pbv - Armoured Personnel Carrier
Strf - Infantry Combat Vehicle
Strv - Tank
Bkan - Self-Propelled Artillery

[Unique Code for Chassis]

[A, B, C, etc for Mark/Model of Chassis]

[+] Standard Munitions
Standard Small Arms Munition Calibers

SSS International and National Waters Recognition Treaty
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