The Grand Duchy of Ooarai

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The Grand Duchy of Ooarai

Postby E. P. Histoire » Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:08 am

Grand Duchy of Ooarai (Party: Ooaraian Democratic Reformational and People's Party) (Current Ruler)

Ooaraian Grand Empire (Party: Ooaraian Fascisten Party)

Ooarian Union of States (Party: Ooaraian Anti-Alignment Party)

Ooarian Socialist Republic (Party: Ooaraian People’s Socialist Movement)

Economy Type: Closed Economy

Mobilization: Total Mobilization

Conscription Plan: Scraping the Barrel

Current Ideological Party Leading: Ooarian Democratic Reformational and People’s Party

Current Chancellor: Irakuy Amayika.
Elections held every 10 years, unless if Ministry of Public Office begins to impeach, impeachment begins if 3/4ths of the ministry agrees to impeach the Chancellor. Also counts for other government officials.

Military Doctrine: Mass Assault, Blitzkrieg, Air Superiority, Strategic Bombing, Commerce Raiding, Underwater Warfare, High-Altitude Bombing, Armored and Mechanical Warfare, Trench Warfare, Artillery Bombardment

Ground Forces: Thousands of Armored and Mechanical Vehicles, and infantry.

Air Forces: (Currently none. All of these are being produced, however.) Close Air Support, Tactical, High-Altitude, and Strategic Bombers, Jet Fighters, Helicopters

Naval Forces: 10 Submarines, 5 Destroyers, 7 Light Cruisers, 20 Corvettes, 2 Minesweepers, 8 Icebreakers, 1 Mine Layer

Current Relations:
Drapeau Royal de Guerre = At War
United Communist Kingdom = Disliked

National Flag Image

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