I'm New! Hi!

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I'm New! Hi!

Postby Asariel » Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:36 am

1. Enter your World Assembly (WA) nation here; if you are unsure, enter your nation within Cynosure: Dark Angelius

2. Cynosure is divided up into four lands, please select a land you wish to reside within: Athradu

3. Do you have nations in other regions, if so - where?: Asylum.

4. Do you have Membership in another region/organization, if so - where?: No.

5. Do you hold an official role in any other regions/organizations, if so - where and what?: No.

6. How did you find out about Cynosure?: A Telegram was sent to my other nation and I thought that this nation would be more appropriate in this setting.

7. Introduce yourself and ask any questions you may have: Hello, My Name is Clancy and the only real questions I have are: How do I Move my nation into Cynosure on NationStates? and Which RGP would be the best starting point for me?
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