The Constellation of Richia

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The Constellation of Richia

Post by Ella2 6 » Mon Jan 14, 2019 10:51 am

The Constellation of Richia
8 quintillion

Population Density:
1 quintillion per star
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The Constellation of Richia, commonly called the Richian Constellation, is an artificial constellation located in the Ellian Sector. Constructed by the United Republic of Elliannia, Richia is a geographical region comprising of 8 artificial red dwarf stars: Richia, New Richia, Adora, Zoshia, Botori, Guro, Kashara and Koshara. Richia has a total population of 8 quintillion Ellians evenly distributed amongst its 8 stars.

All the stars of the Richia are identical in construction, mass and luminosity, being 0.25 solar masses and 0.01 solar luminosities, respectively. The Ellians did not build planets. Rather, they colonised the stars using orbital cylinder habitats. The 8 stars of Richia are the only stars in the Ellian Sector that feature full Dyson swarms.


The constellation was built and settled by the United Republic of Elliannia in the Atera Void as part of an experimental program to create efficient stars with enduring lifespans. However, shortly after the program was concluded, the Morimpan Empire launched the Morimpan Reclamations - a massive interstellar war waged between the Morimpan Empire and a dozen other nations - with the Invasion of Ellian Sector.

After losing considerable ground in the War, the United Republic desperately levied enormous sums of men and material from its member states. Decades of defeats in the field and mounting taxation proved unsustainable, triggering widespread civil unrest and economic collapse in large segments of the fifth Ellian empire. An emergency government was installed to rectify all issues concerning the War, but not before popular uprisings such as the Richian Rebellion fragmented the State.

Being far from the front, local rivalries have been allowed to supercede interest in the War and internal conflicts brewed into open hostility between the various star-states. Three regional superpowers has since emerged: The Empire of Richia, which controls half the constellation, the Botori-Guro Pact and the Kingdom of Kashara, both of which control a quarter of the Constellation.
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