Directive 003

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Directive 003

Post by Wuufu » Mon Jan 14, 2019 7:24 pm

Given that the region still requires citizens to open the Senate, and we lack a Citizenship Act, in accordance with the powers granted by the Constitution to the Council of Brilliance, we hearby issue this legally binding directive which works alongside Section 1.4 of our Constitution:
  1. Any person who meets the below requirements is eligible to apply for citizenship:
    (a) Has a nation in Cynosure;
    (b) Does not already hold citizenship in Cynosure; and
    (c) Is not lawfully banned from the forum, nor designated Persona non Grata by The Councillor or the Senate.
  2. The Councillor of Security shall check the status of each citizen’s nation on at least one occasion per month, and publicly post a list of citizens whose nations no longer reside in Cynosure.
    (a) These nations will be taken from the Nation field of all registered citizens on the forum.
    (b) One week after the post, any citizen whose nation is not located in Cynosure, or who had not moved another nation into Cynosure and informed the Councillor of Security, shall be considered to have resigned their citizenship.
  3. The Cynosure Court may remove a person's citizenship as a criminal sanction.
  4. This directive must be voided as part of a successful passage of a citizenship act by the Senate.
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