The Federated Worlds of Olimpiada [WIP]

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The Federated Worlds of Olimpiada [WIP]

Postby Olimpiada » Fri Mar 08, 2019 11:49 pm

The Federated Worlds of Olimpiada


Population: 460 billion
Capital: Elysia-3, Triumvirate, Gaia
Official Language: Latin
Languages: Latin, Greek, Japanese, Swedish
Demonym: Olimpiadan
Government: Federal Constitutional Republic


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The Federated Worlds of Olimpiada (Greek: Ολιμπιαδα) is an A2 Client populated by humans located primarily in the Milky Way's Gamma Quadrant and along the Centaurus arm. Their worlds come in varied climates and states, but are generally characterized by extreme pollution and overpopulation wherever there happens to be an environment that can naturally support life. Olimpiadans themselves are known for their love of freedom, their distrust of any nonhumans, and their highly capitalistic outlook on the multiverse at large.


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The economy of Olimpiada is largely characterized by the nation's cutthroat capitalism to the extent that corporations are allowed a formal role in government. As a result, most of the nation is controlled by competing megacorporations such as BlueSky Industries or Aurelius-Kawahara Aeronautics. These corporations compete over just about everything in the nation, from antimatter and shipbuilding contracts all the way down to reconstituted algae products and augment software.

As a result of the scale of these economic titans, products within the nation tend to be very cheap and abundant, leading to great pollution on every world which can hold an atmosphere, and notably killed the biosphere of Ivy due to extensive strip mining for rare earth elements. The answers to this pollution are arcologies for the rich, and filtration masks for the poor. This leads to a notable divide between the wealthy and the more impoverished classes. While most of the people wander through smoggy streets and sucks clean air through a fabric of nanofilters, the rich live in self-contained environments such as Elysia-3 and Corsair-8.

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The Nexus Gate

The Gate was first encountered at Artemisium's L4 point around Nova Varangia in the Creta system. Since then, it has been the subject of some military concern, similarly to the Aquilae - Vosporos wormhole. Halys station has since been constructed in orbit of it, which is ostensibly a trade station but the heavy OFN presence and extensive weapons emplacements betray its true purpose as a means by which to head off invasions. On distant Artemisium, surface-to-orbit missile and laser batteries have been constructed, usually around the mouths of the pits left by the moon's roving strip mines. While the Olimpiadans do officially welcome the Nexus Gate, their attitudes toward it betray a less friendly and more aggressive purpose.
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Nexus Client: The Federated Worlds of Olimpiada
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