River Yui

River Yui is the Central Intelligence (CI) of the region of Cynosure. Created by The Cynosure Temple shortly before the formation of the region, she was influential in bringing the region together into a single unified entity, orchestrating the creation of the Cynosure Order to help facilitate the process. As a result, the Cynosure Temple has now become one of the most influential nations in the region.

While the location of her datacenter is a highly guarded secret even within the Cynosure Temple, her existence is well known throughout Cynosure. However, few have actually spoken to her, River being very selective about who she speaks with. From those who have spoken to her, it is said that her personality is rather light hearted and sweet, and matches well the persona image she chooses to appear as.

Even though she is ‘regional’ in her duties, River is forbidden by the Cynosure Temple from entering another nations infrastructure in any form, other than through monitoring of individuals under her direct purview or appearing to governmental individuals, without the consent of that nation’s government. This is considered in the best interests of ensuring peace and stability in the region.