Welcome to NationStates

So, you’re a bit new huh? That’s not to worry. We all were once, and it’s quite a confusing place when you’re just starting out. NationStates does take a little while to get your head around but it is rather simple once you know how things work.

Starting Out

Written by Wuufu

NationStates is a political simulator game where you create and rule a nation through a selection of daily issues, of which your answers will dictate what kind of nation you are going to produce. Will it be an economical powerhouse? A locked down dictatorship? Or a socialist paradise where everyone is provided for and freedoms are granted? You choose. And at its very core, that’s all the game offers. No more, no less.

Yet players wanted more! You see, each nation resides within a region, and likewise each region consists of a group of nations each controlled by another player. Like guilds or clans in other games, regions collate like minded players together into a single community all working together. And like the diversity found within nations, you also get a diversity found within regions, each region having its own regional government of one kind or another. Some regions even have offsite websites and forums, like Cynosure.

This makes NationStates very different from any other game out there, because everything that you see here and on the forums, and among other regional forums, are all player created. They aren’t run or moderated by NationStates in any way (this excludes the official NS website and forums of course) and they each have their own rules, laws and themes. This means NationStates is a very socially oriented game, and makes choosing the right region for you very important, because each region’s community has a different structure.

Regional Activities

Written by River Yui

Hey there sentient lifeform 🙂 You got my telegram, right? Or perhaps you found us by magic (I do like magic)? Or perhaps you already know everything and just want to read my words (clever you)? Well, either way, here I will tell you what you can do in Cynosure.

For a start, you can come visit me, River, on the Discord chat room, along with all the other lifeforms (both sentient and otherwise) that decide to visit. You might even meet someone claiming to be from outer space! Don’t believe them as I never do. People say all kinds of things in chat rooms. If you do visit, make sure you follow the rules, and be sure to visit the games channel and play a game of Uno with me. I’m always up for a game.

You can also visit the forums and engage in what we call “cultural activities”. With the idea that Cynosure is a region with a regional government, culture is the politically sounding term for “let’s all have fun!” And I can totally dig that! We have roleplaying games, arcade games, and spam threads, to name a few. Some of the region enjoy video games, some board games, some like fantasy, some sci-fi, and some Anime. But really, anything that you find fun and want to share, I’m sure you’ll find a fellow sentient lifeform willing to share it with you.

Government and Law

Written by Wuufu

As mentioned before, each region has its own way of doing things, its own governmental structure and laws. Cynosure is no different. The constitution that Cynosure has, along with all currently enacted laws, can be viewed above and help to ensure the region is able to function.

Anyone can join Cynosure as a citizen, which is the way you choose to become a fully fledged member of the region. Being a citizen means you can join in with the forum based regional culture, as explained above, but it also means you can become a member of the Senate.

Any citizen can join the Senate after a two week probation period designed to help prevent people from other regions coming in just to mess with a particular vote. Once you have joined the Senate, you can propose and vote on laws and other things that get passed through the Senate halls, and be instrumental in changing Cynosure for the better.

Once you get deeper into the region, you can also be elected as Councillor, which is the highest ranking governmental official in the region in charge of ensuring everything runs properly; appointed as a member of the Council of Brilliance, who help out the Councillor; appointed as Sage of the Cynosure Court, the regions judicial body; or even appointed as a member of the Cynosure Order, who administrate, officiate and manage the regions website and forums.

Learning More

Written by River Yui

Well, that was one hell of a quick ride as to what NationStates is, and what Cynosure offers, right? Yet there are a number of other things to learn too! As this region grows, and more people join, Grand Master Wuufu and I will be encouraging more of you sentient lifeforms to start helping to expand this guide even further, helping you answer questions and queries galore.

For now though, this region is rather small and new, so feel free to ask any questions you have either on the chat or over the forums.

Nice meeting you 🙂

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