Cynosure’s Four Lands

Cynosure is divided up into four individual islands, all united under one jurisdiction. The central land is Cyno, with Athradu to the North, Maderos to the South East and Krath to the West.


The central land of Cynosure and the home of the Senate Tower, the Cynosure Order and the Councillor, Cyno is the central power in the region and also the biggest of the four lands. It is mostly comprised of lush green land, with the cities covered in greenery, and the outlying areas full of fields and forests. Cyno is the leader in food production in the region having the most arable land.


To the north of Cyno lies Athradu. The land is filled with hills and mountains and is icy to the air. The valleys are filled with forests and winding rivers. The capital of Athradu is the Sky City, nestled along the base of the highest mountain, Mount Rathu (not shown above) and is the home of the Cynosure Court. Athradu is the leader in education and research and has some of the regions highest ranking educational institutions.


Maderos is an archipelago found to the South East of Cyno; a large collection of small islands interspersed with waterways and marshy ground. Boats are also a common place item here, to travel between the islands. Maderos is known for it’s artistic, creative and laid back manners, and is the producer of many of the regions top luxury items. It is also a world renowned fishing area.


A long strip to the West of Cyno, the land of Krath is filled with beautiful beaches, large desert plains, and equally large cities, with some of the tallest and most exquisite skyscrapers in all of Cynosure. The capital city of the region, Jarlsburg, is shown above. Krath is the leader in technology, construction and development.