Forum Guide

Purpose: Connections to those external to the region

  • The Welcome Center is where those wishing to join the region first find themselves.
  • The Embassy Complex is where ambassadors go to get masked, and where the NS embassies are.
  • The World Assembly Hall is where the World Assembly is discussed.


Purpose: Communications and Judicial hub

  • The Regional Announcements is where the Council of Brilliance and the Cynosure Order will post announcements on important happenings in the region.
  • The Media Center is where citizens (and the government) may post media on NS and RL.
  • The Cynosure Court is the highest judicial Court in the region and handles regional legal cases.


Purpose: Discussion, Culture (fun and games) and Roleplay

  • The Silver Dragon Inn is the place to go for general discussion.
  • The Dome of Light is where all the cultural activities that isn’t The Nexus roleplay; including forum games, video games and non-RRP roleplay.
  • The Seaside Boardwalk is for spam posting.


Purpose: Regional Roleplay (roleplay as our nations and worlds in The Nexus)

  • The NRP Discussion is the central place for non roleplay (NRP) discussion.
  • The Client Information is where to go to put your factbooks, embassies, and regional treaty information.
  • The Client Roleplay area contains forums for all kinds of different roleplay focuses; this is where the fun happens!


Purpose: Government and Elections

  • The Council of Brilliance is where the Executive powers of the region manage and officiate regional affairs.
  • The Senate is where the democratic Legislative body conducts its business.
  • The Election Bureau is used for both elections and referenda in the region.


Purpose: Administration

  • The Technical Bay is where you can discuss the forums and website and any issues you have.

There are also subforums here to aid with forum and chat administration, and for the archive of previous content.