Rebirth: New Regional Cultural Ideas

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Rebirth: New Regional Cultural Ideas

Postby Wuufu » Thu Mar 23, 2017 10:05 am

Hello Cynosure!

This poll was run a little while back before the region closed as various different ways people can get involved. As this is open to roleplayers and citizens, and we have some new people here, I thought I would put this out there for y'all to vote on again.

If any of the things interest you please do vote on them! If you can, be selective at which ones you want to see us concentrate effort on.

  • Clubs: areas in the forum where groups of similarly interested people can gather and discuss. Each club would get their own forum, and have a leader who can dictate the clubs hierarchy and moderate that forum.
  • Board Games: online board games we can play together. These would be async games (so you'd get an email when it's your turn).
  • Quests: have challenges set on a monthly or weekly basis that have you producing something to compete against others. This would be as simple as designing a super hero and as big as a month long programming quest. The winner gets fame and fortune.
  • Monthly Contests: favourite video game, TV show, movie, book, etc of the month. Citizens nominate and then vote, with the winner being proclaimed as Cynosures favourite of the month.
  • Forum Games: these are games that run a little longer (like Firefly game but set on the forums) and include things like Werewolf/Mafia, a spy hunting game and character combat.
  • Arcade: mini flash games integrated into the forums. We had this a while back. These would be rather simple but you'd be able to get high scores on them and compete against other people.
  • Minecraft: a shared server for us all to enjoy and work together towards.
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