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The Fifth Reading Room

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The Fifth Reading Room

Postby Ella2 6 » Tue Dec 04, 2018 1:38 pm

The Fifth Quadrant is a special type of role-playing region on NationStates which is specifically designed to have a significantly larger readership than the authorship. The goal of the Fifth Quadrant is to create interactive and high-quality stories which in the readers may follow and actively discuss and suggest changes to with the small, but elite group of writers.

If you are interested in the Fifth Quadrant at all - it does not matter if you just want to read the thread or if you want to do something more profound like contributing to the story by suggesting something or even becoming a writer yourself - you are more than welcome to join the Fifth Quadrant Discord server to stay updated with everything that is happening in the region!

Alternatively, you can bookmark or subscribe to this thread. I will post a new notification on this thread every time one of our hard-working writers posts something new! Thank you for your attention! I hope you enjoy reading the Fifth Quadrant's stories and have a great day!

The Fifth Quadrant's stories are split into three categories:

    Main Arcs involve all writers and contribute to the main story of the region's main storyline.

    Mini Arcs involve only a few writers and contribute to the development of nations, characters and other concepts.

    Sandbox Arcs are unregulated arcs which writers and readers can use to try out stuff. Membership is not required to play in a sandbox arc. Non-canon by default but can be elevated to canonical status if it is exceptionally well done.

Shadowfall is currently the main arc of the FIfth Quadrant. Please read it at your own leisure!
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