A nonchalant plea for aid

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A nonchalant plea for aid

Postby Qora » Fri Mar 15, 2019 6:15 am

In the Qorsikan designated Quarantine/Diplomatic region on The Nexus Her Scion's monitor started getting flooded with requests from her own universe. The psionic links that the Qorsikans share and enhanced with their technology created a near instantaneous link across their stellar empire and into The Nexus itself, assuming that they were able to reach the equipment to do so.

With an exasperated sigh, she looks up from the monitor, "Pontificate, would you kindly let the Xenos know we're currently dealing with an existential crisis. Also, get me another cup of coffee and make sure that abomination doesn't touch it."

As the Pontificate in her ornamental kit leaves the Decurion looks up to Her Scion, "What's going on that's put you in a mood so bad that you're ignoring the chains."

"We... may have just encountered the ancient daemons that She has saved us from. And yet we still haven't found Her, nor Her sisters yet."

The Pontificate walks out the front door and lazily glues on a paper that reads;

She needs your help.
Currently undergoing an existential crisis against daemons of the void.
Lend military aid and be rewarded greatly in material wealth and technology.
Or don't...
We don't care what you do.
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