The assault of Wiryar

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The assault of Wiryar

Post by AgentNickLandor » Fri Sep 27, 2019 2:34 pm

Field Admiral, Field Admiral Sildo. Sir you need to wake up.
Sildo wakes up and glances around the room as he gathers his bearings. He then looks to his right and sees Ship master Arcamo staring at him.
"Arcamo, why have you waken me up 3 hours early?"
Sir, Zealot Fánion has requested all Field admirals meet him at the command Centre, i was sent to wake you.
"alright, tell Zealot Fánion ill be there in a few minutes. I need to get dressed."
"And Ship master. fetch the maintenance crew, they were instructed to inspect all armored vehicles yesterday but i never received the report."
Yes Sir, i will do it right away sir.

As Field Admiral Sildo begins making his way to the command Centre he notices there is a sort of unrest amongst the men. Men rushing around with data pad reports and the troops look worried. This is worrisome since this part of the empire has the lowest piracy and crime rates. Being Stationed on Wiryar is considered one of the easiest assignments to get in the Grottobayian Armed Forces. Sildo stops a Major that seems to be rushing somewhere.
"Major, what is going on around here? why is everyone on alert, is there a pirate fleet in the area?"
The major stares at him for a brief second. Sir i don't know, my entire battalion was ordered to go to the edge of the city and "be prepared for anything." now sir if that's all i really must be joining the rest of my company. He hurries away.

Sildo continues forward not knowing what to expect. He finally reaches the command centre to find Zealot Fánion standing in the center of the room telling some other Field Admirals where to position their men
"Sir, what is going on around here? ive never seen this kind of activity for some pirates."

Zealot Fánion looks over his shoulder at Sildo and lets out a nervous laugh before looking back at the monitors in front of him ...
*Son this isn't a pirate threat, our scanners picked up a massive force at the edge of the system moving towards us at incredible speeds. Its far to massive to be a pirate fleet or a Grottobayian Patrol fleet. Plus the scanners cant even detect what kind of ships they are, we know they are coming at us but we have no idea what it is and on top of that our attempted comm checks back to Kastea have been jammed.*
He turns around and looks the Field Admiral in the eyes...*Admiral, it might be nothing but that's not a risk we can take. Tell your Ship Masters to prepare their men*
The Zealot then turns his attention towards a map being projected next to him. He starts pointing at areas on the map.
*Admiral, I want you and your men to set up here adjacent to this park. Admiral Lairëedil and her men will be to your left on the highway and Admiral Cesta will be on your right guarding the Canal.....The others have already been briefed,if you cannot hold that position move back to this phase line. Phase line Oscar is the fallback for the western flank.

"Yes Sir, ill tell the troops right away. We will be fully deployed and set in 30 minutes"
The Zealot Cuts him off * ill give you 15, make it happen.*

"Sir 15 minutes is ludacr.." *Admiral i told you what i expect, i will not hear another word. Radio me when your set and ready to go. now leave me, you have a busy morning ahead of you.*

Admiral Sildo and his men begin making their way to the designated points to set up. His men look concerned, this is an unrest that they have never expected or experienced. as they get close to their objective Sildo turns to address the men but before he hears sirens go off and his Radio starts going off..
*All stations on this net, all stations. Unidentified entities have entered the atmosphere and are expected to reach the city in less than 3 minutes. All personnel are instructed to switch to the high ready and be expected for contact.*
As the Admiral looks to the sky he sees some objects coming into view. He does not recognize the ships, they defiantly aren't pirates . There are tons of them, The admiral tells his men to ready up and wait for the pending storm.

As they sit and wait not knowing what to expect Admiral Sildo becomes extremely nervous. He attempts to hide it as best as possible but its hard to deny the face of impending doom.
He closes his eyes and starts to breathe heavy, he attempts to calm himself but the ritual is interrupted as he hears the Energy based Anti-Air guns, positioned around the city, begin to fire.

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Re: The assault of Wiryar

Post by Raconuu » Wed Oct 02, 2019 4:40 am

Falling through the atmosphere, the objects begin to burn with no signs of slowing. Anti-Air fire lit up the sky every which way as the objects seemed to cover the sky. Continuous AA fire strikes a couple of the objects, causing them to break apart into a multitude of pieces, yet, for every one struck, another takes its place. Ground troops can clearly note an eerie shriek as the objects fall towards them, watching these unidentified objects gain speed as AA attempts to destroy them.

As the first wave of objects finally break atmosphere, ground troops can properly begin to make out the objects. Though hazy as the speed and distortion make it difficult to identify, one things clear; the objects refuse to slow their speed, leading ground troops to realize the damage that will result from these objects as they make contact with the ground. AA does it's best to destroy the objects before they get that far, but only so much can be done with such a large quantity and a surprising thickness not expected in ships. Once atmosphere was broken, little time was given before the first object crashed into the planet surface just outside the city, causing a mini-explosion. Soon followed by one, two, three, four, and even more as the objects that managed to get past the AA and through the atmosphere struck the ground shortly after. Each time, the object inching closer and closer to the city until finally, an object made impact with the outer northern neighborhood of the city. Buildings collapsed and fire sprung up as once more, another mini-explosion followed the impact. Both outside and inside the city, these objects struck the planet, shaking the ground which must have felt as though the planet itself was attempting to rip apart.

Though the objects continued to be ripped apart in the sky, it only turned one falling object into many, though most of the pieces burned up in the atmosphere. Yet as quickly as it began, it was over. In just shy of 14 minutes, the final object hit the ground to the south of the city, causing the Anti-Air guns to silence. Taking toll of the damage, the objects had hit all over, ranging from the outskirts of the city near the troops positions, assuming one hadn't fallen directly on their heads like so many others, to the inner parts of the city causing tremendous damage and fire to rage. One could only begin to imagine the civilian casualty amount. And yet, as to what the suicidal objects were, the closest troops to any of the objects could tell they were asteroids, though not completely natural.
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