Lord Sylveon's Address to the Region

A place where regional broadcasts and legally binding directives are kept. This is also where citizen's can come and petition the Council for action.
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Lord Sylveon's Address to the Region

Post by LordSylveon » Thu Aug 18, 2016 8:34 pm


So, it has been a few days since the election, and I felt it was good to both introduce myself, and explain some of my plans for the region as a whole. I have been with the region for a few months, and have been Sage for quiet some time. I am well versed in the laws of the land, and I listen to the advice of others. I am well aware that I am not experienced at being a Councillor, but I will do my best to learn from my predecessors and adapt as needed.

Now, as some of you are aware, several positions were 'Axed' within the Council of Brilliance. While some believed this meant we had no members left in the Council, this was not entirely true. This is the current list of the Council of Brilliance:

Gibraltarica - Councillor of Internal Affairs, Councillor of Culture

Wuufu - Councillor of Foreign Affairs

AgentNickLandor - Councillor of World Assembly Affairs

Now, the roles of Roleplay Affairs and Roleplay State are currently unoccupied, so I am appointing Xah as the Councillor for both of these positions. He is a veteran member of the community, as well as an active one who is constantly creating new ways for nations to get involved and roleplay. For those interested in what the duties of each Councillor is, please see this page.

Now, I will be meeting with all of my Councillors, and clear things up. Set specific goals, plan out events, and overall organize how things will flow for my term. Through organization and communication, I hope to stabilize things and boost the overall activity in the region.

As many are already aware, I have chosen Sd.Kfz.184 as my Sage, and he has done a good job thus far in his role.

Now, to conclude things since I am certain this is approaching TL:DR lengths, I want your opinions. If anyone has a complaint, suggestion, or question, please, do not hesitate to send me a PM with your question. While I may not respond immediately due to real life, by sending me a PM it ensures that I cannot lose the message due to the chat filtering through.

I look forward to serving you as Councillor, and wish all of you an excellent day.
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