Council Statement on the ANC sci-fi RP ban list/watch list

A place where regional broadcasts and legally binding directives are kept. This is also where citizen's can come and petition the Council for action.
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Council Statement on the ANC sci-fi RP ban list/watch list

Post by Wuufu » Wed Feb 20, 2019 10:08 pm

Council of Brilliance Statement
on the ANC sci-fi RP ban list/watch list
While the Council acknowledges the usefulness of such a list as an advisory nature to the Council's decisions on citizenship, we have no current desire to enforce such a list with an outright ban on any member placed upon it. As such, the Council accepts the premise of the list as a watch list, not a ban list, and will gladly participate with the following conditions:
  1. That the list not prevent the Council from fulfilling its constitutional privilege of accepting or denying applications of citizenship to any whom it deems on a case-by-case basis;
  2. That the list not prevent the Council and the Senate from issuing pre-emptive bans through Persona Non Grata declarations separate from the list for internal reasons;
  3. And, that any such list brought forward should clearly state why such a person is placed on the list and provide a manner in which they may seek to have their name removed from it.
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