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Cynosure Publication Thread

Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2019 10:59 am
by Wuufu
I might move this into the Media Center but for now I'll keep this here. Here is our publication to work on. Note that I'll probably make a more dynamic version on the website as well, as a blog like article, which we can link to as our "glossy report" (or better names for that if you have any!).

Cynosurian Update - June 2019

View our glossy report!

Regional Statistics
Nations: 78
Citizens: 12
Roleplayers: 9
Senators: 0

Government of Cynosure
Grand Master: Wuufu
Roleplay Master: Xah

Council of Brilliance:
Security: Wuufu
Roleplay: Xah
World Assembly Affairs: Katie (Rybeck IX)
Culture: Raconuu
Internal Affairs: Xah (Interim)
Foreign Affairs: Wuufu (Interim)
Senate: Xah (Interim)

Cynosurian Affairs
Since our last update, our region has increased from 7 to 12 citizens and 1 to 9 roleplayers. We have a very active Discord and a comfortable roleplaying experience on our forums. We're also pleased to announce a new Councillor in our ranks; Katie has taken the role of Councillor of World Assembly Affairs, and become our first non-interim Delegate of our reborn region.

Our Senate has opened for business given our reach of 10 citizens, a point at which our Constitution allows for those with a legislative interest to run for office and craft laws to direct the way our region is run, however at this time no citizens have decided to take up the mantle of office, so we have no Senator's in our Senate. The resulting effect is that nominations will remain open until such time as someone decides they would like to run.

We've also made our first major reconnection with an old ally; that of Wintreath. This is going to be the first of many new reconnections as we ramp up our foreign affairs efforts over the coming months to connect with other regions and share in their activity.

The Nexus Roleplay

About The Nexus

Our nation roleplay revolves around The Nexus; an extra-dimensional region that looks like a wide, infinitely long tube about 100 km in diameter, in which about every 2 kilometres, there is an indent in the surface where gates can be opened to other worlds. Each nation is a Client found on the other side of one of these gates. Players are in full control of their creation, from the species that makes up their world, to the technological level that their nation is at, to other PNPC nations that inhabit their universe beyond the Nexus gate, allowing for endless possibilities. Clients interact with each other through the Nexus in diplomacy, trade, first contact scenarios, and war; with strict rules from the Nexus Owners governing those interactions.

Read more on The Nexus ยท View our Roleplay

News from Qora

The conflict against the Quadropedic Xenos Menace rages on. Thousands of souls have been lost in the conflict so far. A non-chalant plea for aid has been sent.

The Qorsikan government begins to declassify first contact with The Owners to the FOUL XENOS.

A series of wargames commenced within the UAR on the planet of Gleam with great Qorsikan victories announced. UAR declares "This has never happened. Quit retconning our history!" Zombie menace proceeds to interrupt combat exercises. Qorsikan Inquisitors declare "Zombies aren't real."

First Contact

Various other first contact scenarios with The Nexus are ongoing, including ones for the Coalition of Sinikivi, The Confederation of Swarms and the Dominion of Piethrixian. First contact scenarios are considered introductory events for the Nexus roleplay.

The Extras - Other Culture

The Light After the Dusk (Roleplay)

Two years after the events that transpired on the planet of Chanveer, the Rastho Prime Incident kickstarted the Great War, an immense conflict between the enduring Dominion of Elliannia and the powerful Morimpan Empire. The United Autonomous Republics - a member state and subject of the Crown's Domain, and a frontline nation on the very borders of the conflict - was spurred into action to defend its very existence from the relentless Morimpan onslaught.

Driven by this existential crisis, the Royal House of Schindler and the twelve independent warlords of the Ellian Confederacy of the United Autonomous Republics set aside their petty disputes and made peace with one another for the first time since the founding of the nation. After ending the Ellian Civil War that had engulfed the Ellian Confederacy for the past century and a half, the United Armies and the United Starfleet set sail for the front lines to vanquish their Morimpan foes with the aid of Dominion forces.

It was a disaster. Lead by Admiral Blackwater, the eighty million strong combined Ellian allied fleet was lured into a trap and stalled at the Second Battle of Ascillia while the Morimpans under Fleet Lord Paq'Bucyvy speared their way through the allied defences. After finally turning his fleet around, the two adversaries finally met at the decisive Second Battle of Aulux where Blackwater's Battle Force was vanquished.

Desperate to seek any advantage they could get their hands on for the ground defence as the Morimpan fleet drew ever closer to home, the warlords of the United Autonomous Republics activated the secretive Chanveer Initiative; a covert research project that had been slowly progressing over the past two years. The plan was to use the zombie nanotechnology uncovered on Chanveer to raise the dead - Ellian and Morimpan alike - to shift the tide of battle.

Control of the ghouls was given over to the Ellian Logistics and Warfare Network, a network of artificial superintelligences which presided over most of the United Autonomous Republic's military planning. However, ELAWN had somehow lost control of the zombie virus during a test deployment and the icy world of Gleam became the new host to the latest undead outbreak.

The ghouls were still trapped on Gleam for now, but there was no telling how long they will stay put. The operation continued to remain a covert one even up to this point, but it was clear that the United Autonomous Republics required some extra help to get this situation under control. To avoid widespread panic, the Ellian Confederacy enlisted the help of small, covert military units from foreign nations to assist its own efforts.

Firefly (Game)

Xah, Oiniane and Wuufu (who also GM's) have come together to become Captain's of starships in a game based on the popular board game of the same name. The aim? To find a crew, find jobs, and keep flyin' all the way towards victory.

The game itself plays out through the Cynosure forums and alongside a custom made website for tracking all the pieces, where each player can buy crew, equipment and ship upgrades, deal with well known members from the franchise to get jobs (such as Niska and Badger), and complete the jobs to earn money to do it all over again, flyin' from one part of the Verse to the other as they do so.

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