August 2016 Update

Regional Announcements by the Cynosure Order and the Council of Brilliance.
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August 2016 Update

Post by Gibraltarica » Fri Aug 26, 2016 9:01 pm

Cynosure: August 2016 Update
We're not dead yet! We feel happy!

Population: 110 (20% decrease)
Citizens: 46 (27% increase)
Senators: 9 (25% decrease)
Delegate Endorsements: 12 (20% decrease)

Councillor ProfessorHenn leaves
After a large victory margin in his election following an uneventful end to Gibraltarica's term, ProfessorHenn promised Cynosure a resurgence in activity. However, this promise was cut short by a bout of inactivity, which was not explained to the people of Cynosure. Citizens began to become irate. This feeling of uneasiness was only perpetuated by Henn's departure from the discord server. Eventually, Henn left the region for Warzone Europe. Many in the senate began to call for a vote of no confidence. Eventually, such a vote was spearheaded by Gibraltarica, LordSylveon, Sd.Kfz.184, and Qora. However, this vote was made useless by the constitutional removal of his citizenship due to his nation leaving the region a few days before the vote could take effect.

LordSylveon elected 6th Councillor of Cynosure
After a close election and a second, very close, runoff election, LordSylveon was elected Councillor over main competitors Gibraltarica and Sd.Kfz.184. LordSylveon wasted no time after his election, almost immediately appointing Sd.Kfz.184 as Councillor-appointed Sage following his resignation of the role following election to Councillor, and then proceeding to reappoint most of the councillors who had been eliminated from the Council of Brilliance under Henn's term to their previous positions, most notably reinstating Xah as Councillor of Roleplay and Gibraltarica as Councillor of Culture.

Continuance of Activity in the Community
Despite what would seem to be a drop in activity due to population decline, our discord server and RPs are active as ever. What has helped this is the recent rise in citizens who are willing to engage in RP and our community, as opposed to the situation a few months ago. We apologize for the appearance of inactivity from the outside and any inconveniences that might have caused. We were very much active during that time, we simply didn't bother to inform the outside world of it.

Cultural Activities: Coming Soon!
As a part of the brainstorming of the Council of Brilliance, and the recognition for the need of Cultural Events, a bill titled "Cynosure Holidays Act" made its way to the senate. Most notably, this means that from September 11-18, Cynosure will be celebrating Pirate Week with pirate themed RPs, redesigned forum masking, and various other activities on discord, the forums, and the website. More information will come as the situation develops.
In addition to this, Cynosure has recently developed a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP, while our main RP has been doing well. It is active and turbulent as ever, with yet another nation undergoing a foreign invasion. It continues to grow as more citizens become involved.

In other news, 4 for 1 sale on bananas today.
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