Y'arr! Pirate Week Sternside!

Regional Announcements by the Cynosure Order and the Council of Brilliance.
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Y'arr! Pirate Week Sternside!

Post by Gibraltarica » Fri Sep 09, 2016 10:18 pm

In accordance with the recent passage of the Cynosure Holidays Act, the Council of Brilliance has decided to enforce the first ever Pirate Week (In sync with the Pastafarian Holiday of Talk like a Pirate Day), hosted from September 11-18. Pirate Week will feature many games, contests, and the crowning of the Real Dread Pirate Roberts!

But what can you do to join in the Pirate-y fun?
  • Join our regional ejection contest. Contact Gibraltarica on discord, the forums, or by telegram to enter in the contest, and move a nation to https://www.nationstates.net/region=pirate_bay
    Every day, we will eject a certain amount of nations based on who comes last in the daily world census.
  • Join our Pirate Day RP on the forums! A Spaceship has crash landed in Cynosure, a ship full of alien Pirates who have nothing in mind but ruining the world for their own gain! Be part of the pirate eradication solution, or attempt to solve the issue diplomatically, it's up to you.
    To join in the RP, apply in this thread for Visitor Status: http://cynosure.wuufu.co.uk/forums/view ... ?f=2&t=763 ! A link will be provided when you sign up.
  • Daily polls and various games on Discord and the RMB! Feel free to join in at any time!
  • A NationStates Pirate Hunt, where you go hunting all across NationStates, attempting to solve the question of where all of Gibraltarica's gold has gone (seriously, it's for his college fund). Go to this thread: http://cynosure.wuufu.co.uk/forums/view ... f=10&t=764 for more info
  • A fun time all around with the community! Remember, everyone is invited to participate!
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