The Road Reopens into Extra-Dimensional Space

Regional Announcements by the Cynosure Order and the Council of Brilliance.
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The Road Reopens into Extra-Dimensional Space

Post by Wuufu » Fri Nov 30, 2018 4:56 pm

It is with much delight that I am the first to welcome you back into Cynosure!

Back when I posted my original End of the Road post, it was at a time in the region where activity had all but ceased. Interest in becoming the Executive leader of the region was at its lowest point to the degree I had instituted a State of Emergency to seize control. And I felt I lacked the interest and energy to improve the region's activity level beyond what it was.

And then we come to today. Thanks to a number of you out there who have individually coordinated to bring this region back together, Xah and Raconuu in particular, and LordSylveon, AgentNickLandor and Ukarist for supporting the idea, I present to you a new rebirth of Cynosure. I've setup the Executive area of government to share the workload of the role; now there isn't just one person responsible but a team. And as a team, we can work together for a better future in the region, and ensure that it doesn't need to close again. While we have activity in the Council I can be assured there is activity in the region also.

The changes to the Constitution has meant the loss of the directly democratic body of the Senate, but I found that the Senate was only truly effective when I was directly involved in it. Today, the Senate is an elected body of the region. That means that people who feel like they want to get involved in law making can do so, and with only three people needed to run the Senate, perhaps we will see more activity on there than the Senate previously saw. Lawmakers: you can view all previously passed law in the Website Archive, which will be a great place to kick-off since all previously passed law was voided at the end of the last go, so we'll need to pass new laws for everything.

I've also decoupled the management of the region (the lawmaking, the Courts, the government) from the roleplay in the Nexus. The Nexus is still going to be a big part, but it's no longer going to confuse us through RGP by trying to be a part of non-roleplay aspects of the region. A big thanks goes out to Xah for putting this all together, it's a great setting that I hope will lead to a more structured roleplaying experience.

For those of you who want to see what the region was before, we do have an Archive section on the website, and the forum's own Archive Bay is available for registered Citizen's to browse, so feel free to take a look if you want to check out our past. And be sure to get involved in our future.

The future of Cynosure is now in more hands than just one. Let's make the region bright again. :)
Wuufu, Councillor of Security and Interim Councillor of Foreign Affairs in the Council of Brilliance, and Grand Master of The Cynosure Order.

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