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The Light After Dusk Application

Post by Equalsun » Wed Jun 05, 2019 4:09 am

In Character Full Nation Name: Eldenia
• ECNV Forward Thinking
o Gen 2 Eldenian Custodian vessel
o 120 crew
o Platoon-strength Paladin contingent
o Higher than average biotic deployment record
o Experience fighting Ghouls upon Chanveer
• Leso Platoon
o 24-Eldenian Gen 2 Paladin platoon
o Led by Lieutenant and Sergeant, contains 2 heavy weps 2 spec weps 2 spearpoints and 16 riflemen
o Experienced fighting ghouls, permanently lost 1 and had to regenerate 5 from previous encounter
• Aerial squadron
o Two combat dropships
o Three unarmed shuttles
o 6 metal fighter craft
o 24 hardlight fighter craft
• Vehicles
o 2 Templar exosuits
o 4 Justicar Paladin augments
• Portable structures
o 1x Beacon for ship-ground teleportation and land-based Navitas regeneration
• Firepower
o 7 Structured Energy Cannons, 4 top 2 bottom 1 chase
o 20 Structured Energy Gunports, 12 top 6 bottom 2 chase
o 2 Free Energy Torp tubes, 2 top
o 24 Directed Energy Point Defense lasers, 10 right 10 left 4 chase
• Misc
o Planetary landing gear
o Interior mass cancellation
o Radio communication suite
o Biotic-friendly atmosphere and nutrition sites
o Navitas teleportation suites working via Beacons
• Propulsion
o 1 primary multidirectional thrust drive
o 3 secondary atmospheric drives
o Multitude of maneuvering drives

Notable Characters:
Captain Venathor – Captain of the ESNV-Forward Thinking
Gereth Scyndia – Lieutenant of Leso Platoon
Quilia Xerethae - Sergeant of Second Squad
First Officer Flaeia - First Officer of the ESNV-Forward Thinking

Important Notes:

The day job of the Eldenians is protecting the galaxy from multiversal and intergalactic horrors that wish for nothing more than to devour all existence and use your body as a conscious sock puppet. They see Biotics and their antics as a field of study, and get extremely jumpy when reanimation are mentioned.
The Eldenian population is condensed into five Shield Worlds, gargantuan constructs that bridge the physical and spiritual realms. The actors in this RP are from Shield World Xelitian, the Shield World at the forefront of technological innovation and a pioneer in Biotic cooperation and interference.
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Re: The Light After the Dusk

Post by Ella2 6 » Wed Jun 05, 2019 4:33 am

A Quick Note on How to Write an RP Post

Just doing this quick announcement, because I've noticed some trends in the writing of some of the players here. Without embarrassing anyone by calling out their names Xah, let's get into it.

Writing for a role-playing game is fundamentally different from writing for a novel. RP posts are smaller, more compact and also has different requirements for their structure. I'll be focusing on the structure here.

Think about an RP post as a single piece of a jigsaw puzzle. A novel has to be a full, complete puzzle piece without any tabs (round bit poking out) or blanks (round bits indented in for tabs to fit into), unless you're anticipating a sequel and looking to end on a cliffhanger you sick bastard you.

The first post of a thread must always have either a tab (a hook to let players latch onto) or a blank (to let players fill in.) Without these tabs and blanks, there's no way for the next player to continue the RP!


The next player then has to write another post with two hooks, two tabs, or one of each to join their post with the previous one and for the next player to reply to.


It is the responsibility of every player to create new blanks or tabs for other players to use. In this analogy, a blank is an incomplete, open-ended part of the post, as with a question in a conversation. For example: "What should I do?" Post with blanks are not 'complete', per se and it's up to the other player to fill it in with their reply. The character in this example does not know what to do until the replier suggests something.

In contrast, a tab is a complete, close-ended post with a bit of 'extra' material. In a conservation example, the tab is like saying: "You should go to the mall to buy some new shoes." The player has given a suggestion and it's up to the replier to accept or decline the invitation.

Remember: Without these tabs and blanks, it's not possible for an RP to continue! This is one of the many ways an RP might die. We call these deadends, and an easy way to remember not to make these deadends to remember the phrase: "Don't let your post fall flat!"


If you are writing for more than one replier than leave multiple blanks and tabs!


A completed RP should be a completed jigsaw puzzle (unless a sequel is in the works and you have a good idea of what to expect. But also remember that blanks are incomplete and if you sequel doesn't deliver then there's only disappointment!)

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