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Post by Schwieger » Tue Apr 16, 2019 11:37 pm

"Of those who attain enlightenment, the physical stands shepherd. Yet those who attain enlightenment, are but custodian of the physical"


Pords are a race of humanoid beings from the chilly world Nalydya. As guardians of the natural order, their connection with the spiritual and the gods who watch over the myriad universes is absolute. They go about their days in fealty to the machinations of the divine, and their general disposition is in service of this fact. And while burdened with no love of technology for the mere sake of technological advancement, Pords maintain an appreciation for the skills required to fully master the technical, and it is through this respect that they have been able to expand their civilization to the stars.


As a humanoid race, Pords resemble the bipedal apes from the fractal world Sol III. Their average height is around five feet, though it is possible for them to reach heights in excess of six. They have broad hips and shoulders - far more than humans - and typically weigh around 120kg, with weights in the 130kg range not exceedingly uncommon - the result of thick bones, heavy muscles, and layers of dense blubber which affords them protection from the harshest of colds.

To survive on the Planet Nalydya, Pords have a number of specialized traits. First and foremost among these is an extreme resistance to cold: Pords are born with dense blubber and their blood runs with a natural antifreeze. Additionally, they have excellent olfactory senses, and are able to keep pace with their great ally - the wolf - on many lengthy hunts. In general, Pords are highly resistant to areas of low and high pressure as well - many small moons and worlds with lesser atmosphere see Pordish habitation, while more remote areas, such as seafloors, also are home to many cities and towns and villages - as per Rekazhnar's reckoning, the Pordish respiratory tract is highly evolved, and with training, they are able to breathe both air and water without difficulty.

Typically, Pordish hair is either black or brown. Red hair trails these two colours in commonality by a fairly wide margin, and other colours - such as blonde - do not show up outside of rare abnormalities. Pords are capable of growing full heads of hair (and beards), and styling these is a popular pastime within the nation.


A Pordish meal is not complete without meat: as a hunter race, upwards of 95% of what a Pord is likely to consume over the course of a day is meat. These meats are often eat raw, however, it is not uncommon for them to be boiled, steamed, or smoked. Food preparation is a serious art, and the variety of meats and cuts available in an average town or city reflects this reality. Common livestock are mammoth, bison, caribou, elk, and woolly rhinoceros.

In places where meat is less freely available, Pords turn to Rekazhnar's oceans. An overwhelming percentage of Nalydya's crops are grown at sea, and these sea plants are consumed regularly by Pords who live near, on, or in the water. In addition to these vegetables, Pords also catch fish, and it is not uncommon for large fish farms to dot the shallower reaches of the myriad oceans within which Pords thrive.

Life Cycle

As measured in Earth-years, an average Pord can be expected to live into their 8,000s. It is said that such lengthy tenures upon the physical plane are a gift from Reknu himself, bestowed so that all Pordkind - male and female alike - can hunt his magnificent creations for countless eons. Naturally, Pords spend most of their lives in adulthood; full maturity is reached by the age of 30.

Upon reaching sexual maturity, Pords are capable of reproducing up until their last thousand or so years. Males are fertile only in late spring and early summer, resulting in most births occurring in early spring or later winter, out of a gestation period of ten months. Of these, single births are rare - most pregnancies yield between 2 to 4 young - and for their first year or so, infants are covered in a thick coat of downy fur that eventually falls away as they grow in size in preparation for when their blubber can take over the full spectrum of thermoregulatory duties.

Young are communally raised, and where applicable, education starts at an early age. This education continues throughout childhood and into their teenage years where it shifts focus to become more specialized. From here, Pords will often pursue a trade, seek higher education, or further their knowledge in the arts or other, similar, less technical professions.
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