Loose Coalition of Sinikivi (Barebone version)

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Loose Coalition of Sinikivi (Barebone version)

Post by Oiniane » Thu May 02, 2019 9:05 pm

I3 Human (Ageold) Species Factbook
Population: 3 billion
Capital: Contested
Official Languages: Common (English),
Equalism (Russian), High Common (Latin),
Technorat (Japanese).
Dead language of old ones (Finnish)
Demonym: Sinians

Councillor of Coalition: TBA
Monarch of Tossa: The Empress
Council of Equals: Yuri, Sergei, Charles, Miyamoto, Felippe.
High Cardinal of Tanven: Jebbediah Highmoore
Sacrificer of Tarofir: Jack Edinia
Director of Tience: Jennet Hayakama

Home system:
Name: Blazing Orb
Spectral Class: G

Planet: Matkaaja
Planetary Class: B

Planet: Sinikivi
Planetary Class: M
Moons: 1 (Class D)

Planet: Kala
Planetary Class: O

Planet: Metso
Planetary Class: L
Moons: 1 (Class D)

Planet: Vahtija
Planetary Class: J
Moons: 12 (Class D)

Planet: Unohdettu
Planetary Class: K
Coalition of Sinikivi


The Coalition is a desperate result for providing Nexus a client that could atleast somehow function as representitve of the whole planet and more. However in reality, this coalition is extremely misstrusted by all the five major factions (nations), and is under constant scrutiny by every single faction. Councillors need to constantly judge between opinions of different factions and are fully aware of being replaced in the most painful manner, if options aren't weighted heavily. Due to these reasons coalition is even weaker than their peers, even when compared to those who'd had joined after them. The coalition only inhabits one planet, due to it's tecnological limitations.

The Blazing orb is yellow, calm sun, only ever so rarely causing trouble to electronical devices in its system. It's barely larger than sun, while producing same ammount of heat. There are three planets on the habitable zone, Sinikivi, Kala, and Metso, of which every single one has signs of life. Intelligent life can only be found on Sinikivi. There's tiny planet travelling nearer the sun, a barren world mostly made of metals. Behind the trio of lifely wonders, there's a gasgiant Vahtija with unexplored 12 moons, and its gravitational pull regularly traps smaller objects on it's orbit as they pass by. Behind all others is a barely recognized planet, Unohdettu.

The Nexus Gate

Is about to be opened.


The time has been counted in eras, depending on when something substantial has happened. The name of the oldest Era is forgotten, but the time of first Tossan Empire is still recorded. It was said that the Empress herself who gave the Empire the right and the strenght to unify the large island she had grown on. The flags of all Sinikivi's nations still carry the T-letter in memory of those humble beginnings. The three yellow stars on Tossan flag are the three large cities that unified to become the Empire. After these, there were centuries of exploration, assimiliation and colonization. For five hundred years, Tossan Empire screthed around the word and lead it towards better age for additional three hundred years. However during this "Age of Prosperity" people grew uncontent. Small rebellions happened, whose lands were either brought back by warnings or military might. The new weapons and armored ships were mostly used against anyone who'd question Empress's right to rule, which in turn only grew the amount of dissidents, as the more people end up hurt, and the more people had someone their cared for wounded.

The Age of Properity turns into Age of Turmoil and new calendar starts when multiple cities hoist red flags, a large scale revolution starts a continent wide war that will take a total of 5 years to wear down. During this massive war, the people on other continents started to pursue their own right to become independent from their former owners and started their own smaller conflicts, effectively joining the Revolutionary war. Eventually, after years of fighting, and after the war becoming a complete stalemate on the main continent, peace was achieved. The Great Revolution had worked, half of the continent being assigned to Communist Tomup's control, while the over sea nations managed to keep their own regions, forming Tarofir and Tanven respectively.

Roughly ten years before the Gate would open, last nation frees itself, being only one capable of doing so without any bloodshed: Tience. The peace has lasted between the nations for now, but any wider spark may start yet another continent wide war. Only the arrival of the Gate has caused more alarm to people than treat of another war. Eras have lasted as follows: Time from Arrival of the Empress 0-812 AAE (after arrival of empress). The start of Great Revolution 0-30 (After Revulitionary Freedom). The Opening of the Gate 0 AOG (After opening of Gate). Counted together, Tossan Empire would be 842 years old and the Coalition just founded.



Sinikivi has three continents, one extremely large, and two smaller ones. The largest one contains all of the basic climate types, from lush jungles to tundra down south. From mountain ranges to flat grasslands. Most of the continent is fertile and on temperate climate. Most the primary continent's landmass lies on the southern hemisphere. The large roughly T-shaped island is on eastern bank of the continent, the birthplace of all current people, which is also the reason for msot of their flags having a T shape. Between the two warring nations, there's barren landscape roughly a mile wide, with massive walls on both sides, ensuring that the thousands of miles long border is never unsupervised, nor that anything could live in between.

Secondary continent is unevenly divided by Tarofir and Tanven. Most of the continent is plains, grasslands and lakes which are divided by multiple mountain ranges. All of this has been assimilated by Tarofir. Tanven's climate is humid, as the whole nation is residing at souther-westernn side of the continent, near equator where the constant rainfall has created massive jungles. The continent is known for it's steep and high mountains that breaks the landscape constantly.

Third continent is minor in comparisition, consisiting of mostly sandy deserts and Tundra. The dry winds along it's southern banks ensures that most of the pseudo-continent remains dry and barren, while closer to north, the ever lasting ground frost giving it's own issues. Between these two climates there's a small patch of Temperate, where most of the Tience's people recide.


The Coalition itself doesn't have any semblence of governence. It has one spokesperson per nation and the councillor, and councillor's job is to judge between suggestions of the five. The nations themselves have widely different goverments Tossa being Monarchy, Tomup being Communist state, Tanven a Theocracy, Tarofir Democratic puppet goverment and lastly Tience being a Meritocracy. With all these differences in mind, Coalition barely works.



The factions beneath coalition have differing Economical practices.

Tomup is a state owned heavy industry focused powerhouse, that also produces the world with most of the food it consumes. It has massive quantities of natural resources. Main export are vehicles, weapons and food.

Tarofir a capitalist paradise with no restrictions for Corporations. Tarofir has extremely well profiting service sector and ample resources, albeit not as abundant as Tomup and Tossa. Main exports are luxury items, vanity produces and unsettling ritual incredients.

Tossa has a combination of privatized industry as well as goverment owned. It has roughly as much in terms of resources as Tomup, but hasn't unearthed most of it yet, due to propality of political backlash from enviromentalists. Main exports are chemicals, manufactored goods and vehicles.

Tanven is completely struggling with it's economy every single year. All of the industry is under constant interferences from their goverment and lack of natural resources isin't helping the already self-damaged economy either. Main exports are fruits, holy symbols and questinable (yet hilarious) literature.

Tience's economy is faring somewhat well. It's constantly demanded to find ecolocigal solutions and to focus on upgrading everything to more new, and more efficient models. Due to these high cost demands, and due to lack of heavy indsutry, the markets in Tience are fairly small, and the exports are limited. Main exports are highly techonological products and economical solutions for buyers, which might both become swiftly obsolete.

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