Embassy Application: The Kingdom of Great Britain

Contains the Ambassador signup thread, as well as embassies for each of the regions that have relations with Cynosure.
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Embassy Application: The Kingdom of Great Britain

Post by Crushita » Thu Jun 13, 2019 4:40 am

1. Are you with a region that desires new or has existing relations with us?:
The Kingdom of Great Britain desires new relations!
2. If new relations, why are you looking to form these relations now?:
As the Minister of Foreign Affairs of KGB it is my duty to find any and all regions we may find value in being friends with, and since I noticed you guys getting yourselves back up I thought this would be a great opportunity! KGB has a vibrant RP community so far our relations have been rather sparse on regions focused on it, thus it seemed like this would be a good opportunity for collaboration! Also Wuufu is cool! Oh gosh I use so many exclamation marks!
3. If existing relations, are you replacing an existing ambassador, and if so who?:
4. Introduce yourself and ask any questions you may have:
I am His Eminence, Crushita, The Potato Pope. I am also the Minister of Foreign Affairs and an MP in KGB. The Potato part is much more important, praise the Holy Spud heretics!

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Re: Embassy Application: The Kingdom of Great Britain

Post by Wuufu » Thu Jun 13, 2019 8:08 am

Welcome! So great to have a new region to open relations with :D

You are most certainly approved. I'll have your embassy constructed momentarily.
Wuufu, Councillor of Security and Interim Councillor of Foreign Affairs in the Council of Brilliance, and Grand Master of The Cynosure Order.

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