New Dawn

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New Dawn

Post by NewDawn » Thu Jun 13, 2019 11:46 am

New Dawn
P1 Client of Species Species Factbook
Population: 956 trillion
Capital: Valyra
Official Language: Anharric
Demonym: Dawnite

Diktatora Juliette
Diktatora Prima Dalia
Aegian Toliban

Home system:
Name: Sol
Spectral Class: G

Planet: Dasadri
Planetary Class: K

Planet: Lebaris
Planetary Class: M

Planet: Horizon
Planetary Class: M
Moons: 8 (Class D)

Planet: Mars
Planetary Class: O
New Dawn

"Bleed, Die, Invent"

The Cyraen system is a beautiful system with several habitable planets, and eight military stations within.

The Nexus Gate

Information Not Disclosed


New Dawn was founded after an expeditionary force from Earth landed on Horizon and declared independence from Germany. They soon evolved and invented and became the nation we know today.


Most Dawnite lands are jungles or mountains. Valyra is surrounded by steep cliffs and a river, blocking access from land entirely.


The Diktatora and her advisors rule directly.


The economy is increasing every year, and is flourishing. Unemployment is non-existent and the empire has so much money golden temples can be built.

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