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Valyran News

Post by NewDawn » Thu Jun 13, 2019 6:45 pm

[align=center]Valyran Public News[/align]

The Diktator today has announced the opening of elections for a new Praetorian Primus, a new Captain of the Royal Guard. She made a speech declaring that she hopes for better relations with the public and it seems she hopes to gain the favor of the lower classes, because she has opened the elections to all classes.

The Diktator has also announced that she will be marrying her sister, Lys Doreah Nymean, to the Duke of Kamatil, a closeby, single-planet Empire sitting on the border of New Dawn and many other galactic civilizations. She has declared that she herself will wed the Emperor of the Holy Semanus Concordant, sitting two sectors away from the Outer Rim of the Republic of New Dawn. She has made public a deal which entails a defensive alliance with the Concordant, paired with taxes paid by the theocratic regime and a tribute of soldiers as well. Though this is clearly a play for power, it has also smoothed over hostile relations with several other Galactic Empires, who see this marriage between benevolence and maliciousness as a forming of relative neutrality due to conflicting ideals.

Aegean Tyskadir has pressed the Public Forum for reforms on the election systems for Aegeans, putting forward an addendum that states that only Praetorians or Silicums (Aristocrats) can be eligible for the position. This has been taken with mixed reactions, as if the addendum passes Tyskadir's hold on the office will be firmer and stronger, but at the same time it will quicken elections and decrease the chaos of each Aegean's election year.


New economic reforms have recently been passed by the Public Forum, revitalizing the industrial system entirely. Instead of minor companies handling the vast majority of the production of Republican goods, State-run and funded companies have been founded and have absorbed most of the independent ones, opting for a more state-driven workforce. Each worker now has a more stable pay and the factories can now work for longer and with increased efficiency, and new military assets are being pumped out at record speeds and sent to the front.

The Diktatora has also set into place another farming reform, setting aside specific plots of farmland for engineers to begin constructing additional Hydroponics and farm towers. The planet of Issirad has been heavily redone, with the farming quarter of the planet being rebuilt almost completely and the farming systems replaced with the newer models. The slaves working there have also been freed and employed instead, as the Diktatora works towards abolishing slavery completely.

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