Application for citizenship

The Enclave Welcome Center deals with anyone looking to join the region as a citizen. Once registered, you should follow the procedure within to sign up for citizenship.
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Lord Vercetti
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Application for citizenship

Post by Lord Vercetti » Sun Aug 04, 2019 10:35 pm

1. Enter your World Assembly (WA) nation here; if you are unsure, enter your nation within Cynosure: The Galactic Empire of New-Magor

2. Do you have nations in other regions, if so - where?:
None that really matters but I have many experimental nations in various regions, not that I'm being active in those.

3. Do you have Membership in another region/organization, if so - where?:
Nope. I'm new in this roleplay stuff, I've been addressing issues and endorsing nations in my former region, that's all.

4. Do you hold an official role in any other regions/organizations, if so - where and what?:
Nope, none.

5. How did you find out about Cynosure?:
Just received an invitation message for one of my "experimemtal" nations recently and I liked the idea so I thought I would move my Galactic Empire here and apply for citizenship.

6. Introduce yourself and ask any questions you may have:
I'm Lord Vercetti, leader of The Galactic Empire of New Magor. IRL I'm a 22-year-old Hungarian political science student at the University of Szeged. Politics is one of my passion among a few other things like professional wrestling (WWE/AEW/NJPW) or literature (I really love the classics, especially French or Russian realism).
I think I'm gonna need a bit of help with a few things to start this roleplay thing so I hope one of you will message me here or maybe on NationStates or my email, whatever you like. I've already endorsed a few nations in the region, I hope it's not a problem, I'm a bit addicted to endorsements.

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Re: Application for citizenship

Post by Wuufu » Mon Aug 05, 2019 4:29 pm

Hi there! Welcome to Cynosure. Glad that you could join us :) Your application is accepted!

Thank you for endorsing our regional nations. That's totally fine providing you also endorse our delegate, which you have. Endorsing is a way to ensure our delegate can fulfil their duties so that's really helpful in that regard.

Here's some guides to get you started on roleplay. You'll want to make sure to read through our information on The Nexus and Creating a Client, alongside our RRP Rules.

Then start off by Creating a Factbook (if you want a non-human species it should be approved first by posting here and waiting for approval), and jump in! Some ideas for roleplaying can be found in our Looking for Roleplay forum.

Feel free to ask any more questions about the roleplay either here or on Discord, and if you join us on Discord be sure to let me know who you are so I can mask you there. :)
Wuufu, Councillor of Security and Interim Councillor of Foreign Affairs in the Council of Brilliance, and Grand Master of The Cynosure Order.

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