Vordekai Continuum (WIP)

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Vordekai Continuum (WIP)

Post by Kyoki Chudoku » Mon Aug 12, 2019 10:34 pm

Vordekai Continuum
E4 Client of Vordekai
Population: ~220 million
Capital: Khazet
Official Language: Kitchip
Demonym: Vordekai

Kazrahal Members:
Aozokhrad: Ekra A-#6066
Kannah: Metanecropsist K-#0497
Zevudh: Alpha-Omega-022 Z-#5AB1
Gorkchra: Munshaad G-#8888
Tokrikh: SC4 T-#1008
Ikrith: Vekhmet I-#334B

Home system:
Name: Chotsuik
Spectral Class: G

Planet: Dakhrat
Planetary Class: K

Planet: Voshkaduid
Planetary Class: M

Planet: Cherudh
Planetary Class: N

Planet: Khortet
Planetary Class: T

Planet: Ishalpot
Planetary Class: J
Vordekai Continuum

The Vordekai Continuum is the sole relevant polity of the Vordekai species. Based on the tidally-locked world of Voshkaduid, it is known for its ideology of seeking perfection through body modification. While technically one government, it acts far more as a collection of six allied powers, the six Phyla of the Vordekai each granted extensive autonomy.

Information to follow...

The Nexus Gate

Information to follow...


The Vordekai are not native to Voshkaduid, but to a distant world known as Mindukar. Indeed, the term Vordekai originally took on the meaning of “Fallen”, as those who had the title were exiled into the depths of space for various forms of treachery against a Mindukar-bound government. The entire affair was intended as test of their capabilities and as a method of removing them from the world entirely. For generations, the prisoner fleet sought sanctuary, its vessels suffering from attrition. At one point, a hideous disease- likely mutated by interstellar radiation- struck, and rendered entire crews sterile. Desperate to continue their legacy, they resorted to using modified food replication technology as a cloning mechanism for their kind. The resulting aberrations were hideous, but in time, a more stable form was reached- though all Vordekai after were afflicted with the abhorrent Rot.

To overcome the effects of the Rot, some began integrating what cybernetics they could into themselves. Others began making use of living organs taken from animals and eventually, fellow Vordekai. In time, this became a necessity for survival, as the last of the uncloned passed away. One individual began to spread a new doctrine, seeing this affliction not as a danger, but an opportunity, a test to separate weak from strong, to bring their race closer to perfection through extensive body modification. This would form the foundation of the Continuum’s ideology.

The fleet eventually arrived at Voshkaduid. One ship, damaged in the final stretch, was instead forced to make landfall on harsh Khortet. The Vordekai did their best to adapt to their new environments, using the local resources to begin reconstructing some semblance of a civilisation. Local fauna and flora would be made compatible. Hunting expeditions became popular, hunting new organs, new innovations. Individuals grew more and more elaborate with their artificial augmentations. More cloning devices were set up. Eventually, the various paths and beliefs formed into what are now known as Phyla. The Continuum became the overall government of this new society, but allowed individuals extensive freedom. Most died in birth, or of the Rot, or were killed in their vendiri stage, before they could alleviate their illness. However, the survivors were seen as stronger, more innovative, more dangerous, more worthy.

Now exposed to the vast array of civilisations connected to the Nexus, bands of Vordekai seek prey or mercenary work, the Continuum as a whole content to allow individuals to exploit this opportunity however they wish, assuring they are able to spare the expense.


Information to follow...


The Vordekai Continuum is divided into six major Phyla, each of which has its own approach towards achieving perfection. Some subphyla of note also exist. Most are based on Voshkaduid, except for Ikrith, which is based on Khortet. Each Phylum has an equal say on how the Continuum as a whole operates, but requires unanimous decisions for many important choices. However, Phyla serve as effectively autonomous states for the most part, able to declare wars, attack nations, and perform research without interference unless it endangers the Continuum as a whole. Each Phylum’s leader is given a seat on the Kazrahal, the overall governing body of the Continuum that makes decisions that effect all Phyla.

Named for the archaic demoness of tyranny, subjugation, torture and agony, the Aozkohrad Phylum’s members are infamous for their reputation as “leaders”. Their emphasis is on artificial species creation and accelerated evolution. The greatest Aozokhrads are the aberrators. This social caste is composed of experts at enforcing hideous and grotesque mutations upon others and themselves, and developing new species to use as weapons against their foes. The current leader of the Aozokhrads is Ekra A-#6066.

The Kannah Phylum is named for the demoness of blood, carnage, hunger and gluttony. Kannahites are infamous for their brutality. Their focus is upon flesh and little else- more powerful physical forms, more sensory capabilities, more powerful weapons. Their focus is combat twofold- violent competition and ripping away organs from other organisms to take advantage of them. The strongest among them are denoted as metamorphs, having changed their bodies into entirely new forms, utterly devoid of any resemblance to their original anatomy. They are touted as the strongest Vordekai, able to take on multiple lesser opponents and slaughter them, with all manner of brutal and dangerous weapons at their disposal, ranging from toxic spines and piercing spikes to integrated flamethrowers and even entire new senses such as electroreception or echolocation. The current leader of the Kannah Phylum is Metanecropsist K-#0407.

The Zevudh Phylum uses various means to influence development during cloning, resulting in a caste system. This system ranges from Alpha to Foxtrot. Foxtrots are baseline grunts used as catharsis outlets and suicide attackers.. Echos are mindless but competent. Deltas are the technical caste. Charlies are more advanced labourers. Bravos are soldiers and hunters. Alphas are leaders. The greatest Zevudh are the alpha-omegas, elite alphas granted supervision over spawning and the differentiation processes. The current leader of the Zevudh Phylum is Alpha-Omega-022 Z-#5AB1.

The Gorkchra Phylum is named for the old goddess of lust and drowning. The Gorkchraites focus on pleasure and emotional control. That believe that to achieve perfection, one must have total internal control, including total control of their emotions. To achieve this, they implant themselves with organs that allow them to consciously produce neurotransmitters. Greatest among them are the hedonisers. These elites not only have totally control over their own emotional states, but are often capable of manipulating that of others with baseline anatomy as well, and tend to have completely revitalised synthetically enchanted cellular systems. The leader of the Gorkchraites is Munshaad G-#8888.

The Tokrikh Phylum is named after the Arabic demoness of envy and jealousy. They Tokrikhites on technological advancement and mental superiority and simultaneous consciousness. The highest echelons of Tokrikhite society are dominated by amalgaminds, typically fused minds capable of extraordinary and perturbing simultaneous consciousness. The mobile forms of these abominations can be the size of tanks to fit their sheer mass, and their require a constant stream of biomass to fuel the metabolism of their massive nervous complexes, but they are the greatest thinkers of the Continuum. The current leader of the Tokrikh Phylum is SC4 T-#1008.

The Ikrith Phylum is named for the archaic demoness of pestilence, sorrow and disease. The Ikrithites are followers of an unusual path. Their vessel never reached Voshkaduid, instead suffering substantial damage and being forced to make landfall on the far less habitable Khortet, a Titan-like world with greater gravity and size than Earth. They flash-acclimated to the terrain, and by some miracle, managed to adjust to the inhabitable expanses. This land was, however, native to some primitive yet bizarre forms of life, mainly microbial clusters that could create psionic fields and other such strangeness. Adapting to life there was difficult. A common ritual of the post-spawning phase here is an unusual one- the flaying. This involves the shredding away of flesh, replacing it with metal and plastic, and gradually creating an internal artificial metabolism to sustain life off of native forms that can be more easily grown. The most esteemed of the Ikrithites are the black-coated chimaeras, who have three fully functional anatomical forms- organic, hydrocarbonic, and synthetic. Their ability to maintain this internal homeostasis is more respected than any combat ability, and those who are most able to function with only organic brains, and massive psi-incubators, are respected most of all. They serve as innovators, priests, and leaders. Ikrithites have a reverence for the psionic and the arcane, as they put it. The current leader of their number is Vekhmet I-#334B.


Information to follow...
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