The Tribes of Vulpae (WIP)

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The Tribes of Vulpae (WIP)

Post by LordSylveon » Sat Aug 17, 2019 10:31 am


The Vulpine of Vulpae are not as unified as many of the members of the Nexus, especially given their status as an “A2” civilization. While the Tribes of Vulpae often keep internal conflict to a minimum, limited to the occasional skirmish between lesser tribes, they are only loosely held together by their common ancestry and traditions. Operating under a Confederation, the Tribes of Vulpae traditionally only come together to plan major expansions, joint projects, or matters of defense. More often, representatives from the “Grand Tribes” will discuss more mundane issues, working together to keep the Vulpine people mostly united and together. Although technologically advanced, and capable of limited FTL travel, the Tribes of Vulpae only occupy a handful of star systems. Instead of mass colonization, they have taken to disassembling systems that do not meet their standards for the raw materials to build and maintain the systems they already occupy. While this started with clearing asteroid fields and oort clouds, this has evolved to mining down planets and most recently the Tribes have begun to experiment with Stellar Lifting.

This desire to maintain their homes stems from their deep ties to spiritualism and a need to preserve the natural environments of their ancestors. As a result, the vast majority of the Vulpine live in large cylindrical habitats. Instead of living on worlds with viable biospheres, they prefer to make them sacred sites for hunting and communing with their ancestors.

Although the Vulpine do have dedicated warships, each habitat is heavily armed with point defense cannons of many sizes. These are mostly meant to deal with debris and rogue asteroids, and are very effective against hostile munitions and starcraft alike. Furthermore, habitats usually have extensive ports and harbors along their exterior, making each one a makeshift carrier in a pinch. Vulpine warships usually are generalists, covering several potential threats at once. Though this does reduce their ability to excel in certain areas, it is rare for them to be caught entirely off guard. The pinnacle of this philosophy is the Battlestar, a battleship/carrier hybrid that makes up the backbone of any vulpine formation. While the exact armament, starcraft compliment, and size varies from class to class, all Battlestars share a few common traits. The signature pair of flight pods at either side of the vessel allow them to fulfill their carrier role, with fighter tubes designed to launch strike teams in combat and emergency situations. Battlestars also carry impressive amounts of point defense and kinetic weaponry, with all carrying some degree of missile armaments. More specialized vessels do exist, usually to meet roles that require the focus and dedication, or ones that large capital ships simply cannot meet effectively.

A major aspect of the Vulpine people is their spirituality, as it has evolved to form a confusing blend of mysticism and naturalism. The Vulpine, on average, venerate nature and ancestor spirits. As such, they usually look poorly upon actions that would harm any given biosphere, and seek alternate solutions if they are available. This is not to say they are resistant to progress, as almost every vulpine makes use of extremely advanced technology in their day to day life. Synthetic limbs, cybernetic enhancements, and full fledged artificial intelligences are common across Vulpine space, with Artificial Intelligences regarded as “Ghosts” or “Spirits”. Curiously, the Vulpine view these Spirits as equals, and they are regarded with as many equivalent rights as are available to wholey digital lifeforms. While some spirits are coded up and created from scratch, many are former vulpine who have chosen to experience life in the digital world. Within the last century, a series of breakthroughs have allowed Spirits to inhabit forms almost indistinguishable from regular Vulpine. This biological immortality has drastically driven up population growth all across Tribal Space, kicking off a new era of exploration and expansion.
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