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Post by Queen Katra » Fri Sep 20, 2019 11:31 am

The KatPeoplesian's are a physically and culturally diverse species with a number of ethnic and socitital groups all sharing a few select set of traits. But all can be described as a roughly feline humanoid bipedal race.

CatPeoplesian's vary wildly in size and height. With the largest genetic groups standing just over 200cm in height, and the smallest being under 120cm. And with varying amounts of left over 'primitive' traits from there ancestors. Including, fur, claws, fangs, tails and larger broader ears.

With there more or less being a distinct "Group" of genotype for each major biome represented on there home world. With colder regions having larger members of the species. Shorter as you get to hotter weather regions. Stronger climbing claws in forested regions and jungles.

Life Cycle.
Much like physical size the life span of KatPeoplesian's vary to a extent by genotype. But in general they live between 60 to 120 years on average. Tending to mature in 15 to 20 years. And remain active until late in there life time.

Most major groups of KatPeoplesian's have different cultural traditions but there are a few consistent elements in all groups. Most groups being matriarchal, having a general lack of spiritualism. Being argumentative and combative without actually being violent.

KatPeoplesian's are omnivorous but tend to prefer meat or at the very least meat based dishes. Herding, hunting, fishing providing much of there food, but also engaging in farming and horticulture.
A time honored saying of "Anything that can't eat your faster then you can eat it is fair game."

The history of the KatPeoplesian's is complicated and confused even from the perspective of scientific study. The simply fact that there history becomes more complicated the more research they do into it.

The KatPeoplesian's home world was once part of a expansive and advanced civilization that had advanced well past the point of being able to teraform and create entire species from scratch. KatPeoplesian's where created either from native animals or to mimic native animals.

Then for a as of yet still unknown reason this advantages creator species disappeared or perhaps even went extinct. Leaving a culturally underdeveloped intelligent race on a planet with the ruins of there technology.

Ancient KatPeoplesian's History.
:The oldest period of KatPeoplesian's history is the era of time in which the KatPeoplesian shared there world with the ancient builder race that created them. Little is known about this time, but there is a great deal of evidence that the most basic parts of KatPeoplesian culture and knowledge come from this time. Writing and basic knowledge being well documented to come from this time.

The Rust Age.
:The time period after the disappearance of the builder race is documented to be a bloody and violent time in which tribal groups fought over the remains of the builder technology with no real understanding how to produce, maintain or use most of that technology. And ending at a time when almost all the builder technology stopped working.

The Metal Age.
:After this a era followed in which the KatPeoplesian's had to learn to process metals and develop there own technology. And while this was helped along by the left over knowledge and ruined technology from the builders. It also lead to KatPeoplesian's technology being advanced in some area and not in other by the standards of other races.

The Digital Age.
:The Digital age and indeed the use of electricity for the KatPeoplesian's came about before more commonly developed technology's like internal combustion. Cause by successful study of the builder technolgoy that lead to hydro, wind and solar power. And being marked by the political and cultural unification of the KatPeoplesian's cultures under one national rule. Lead by a Imperial family who's first member lead a military that through diplomacy, intrigue and war unified the KatPeoplesian's on there homeworld.

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