The Imperial Queendom of KatPeoples

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The Imperial Queendom of KatPeoples

Post by Queen Katra » Wed Sep 25, 2019 9:40 am

The Imperial Queendom of KatPeoples
E2 Client of Species KatPeoplesian's
Population: 1.8 billion
Capital: Katrisha
Official Language: Katishian
Demonym: Katian

Queen Katra XLVII

Home system:
Name: Kanjon
Spectral Class: K9 V Orange Main Sequence

Close Companion Star
Name: Kanterjon
Spectral Class: M9 V Red Dwarf

Planet: Annjon
Planetary Class: N
Orbital Radius: 0.39 AU
Gravity: 0.74 g
Carbon dioxide/sulfides Atmosphere.

Asteroid Belt
Orbital Radius: 0.64 AU

Planet: Zanjon
Planetary Class: B Dwarf Planet
Orbital Radius: 0.71 AU
Gravity: 0.03g

Planet: Kantejian
Planetary Class: M
Moons: 3 (All Class H Desert planet)
Orbital Radius: 1.17 AU
Gravity 1.15 g
Surface Water 39%. Surface Ice 17%. Land 44%.

Planet: Manjon
Planetary Class: J
Moons: 44 (All Rock and Ice)
Orbital Radius 5.5 AU
Gravity 2.7 g
The Imperial Queendom of KatPeoples

The Queendom of Katpeoples is a unified system-wide government representing one homeworld and three small lightly populated moons. The homeworld of Kantejian being an ecologically diverse planet, with a number of mountain ranges, jungles, tundras and deserts. While its three moons are mostly desert, ranging from hot to cold as they move out from the homeworld.

The world's only intelligence life being represented by some 1.8 billion members of the race of Katpeoples, a race well into there digital age thanks to the leftover technology of a forerunner race that most likely created the Katpeoples, for some reason or another. The reason and indeed there history a great mystery to the Katpeoples. The society of the world is diverse but largely peaceful between the physically and culturally diverse members of the race.

The races gender make up rances some close to the 20% male 80% female range with most subspecies. And as high as 1-3% male in some.

The central star of the system is an Orange main-sequence star with a smaller red dwarf near it. With a small rock world with a heavy and violent atmosphere next in line. Then an asteroid belt with a dwarf planet in second order. And then the Third planet being the homeworld of the Katpeople, a diverse if not somewhat dry planet with three small moons. The last planet in the system being a large gas giant with some forty-four known moons.

The Nexus Gate

The nexus gate was originally discovered on the third lunar exploration mission. on the smallest and closest of the three moons of the KatPeoples homeworld The Gate had been known of for some time but was believed to be a naturally occurring structure. The moon itself had a thin atmosphere while not breathable it only required breathing equipment, not a full bodysuit. So study started right away. Indeed the discovery is what really kicked off the push to both colonize and develop the moons, with structures. Spaceplanes and even heavy atmosphere plants being built in short order.

And while the moon itself has only gained a bit more atmosphere from the terraforming so far it will only be a short time before no breathing equipment is required. Around the gate was constructed a large circular city housing military, scientists, diplomats and even a member of the Imperial family to oversee it all. And so far the few armed spacecraft that the Kat People have built stay in orbit around the plant near the moon.


The history of the Katpeoplians is short but eventful their development as a sentient species seaming to have started some forty thousand years ago. Being the byproduct of genetic experiments from an intelligence race living on their homeworld before them. Either by choice or providence, this race left or was otherwise removed from the planet leaving the KatPeoplians as the sole intellegenct life on the planet. Technological development was dictated by the pace at which the race could understand the leftover technology of the fourrunner race.

And indeed civilization suffered to some extent because of this rapid development, technology often outpacing the kat people's ability to deal with it. And likewise, the political development of the planet was accelerated. World wide unification taking place some ten thousand years ago at the hands of a brilliant, ruthless and stunningly attractive (Historians are legally required to state the last part) Ruler unified through conquest and political power the entire race under one government.

The collective intellect of the race making it much more effective to study and explore the planet once they were all directed by the claws of a royal family that still rules to this day. The Discovery of the Nexus gate a few decades ago likewise proved to Unifie the race, sure that they had once and for all found the answer to the question of where the forerunner race had left to. And convinced they were literally about to meet their makers. Only to discover a much more diverse and unrelated group of race.


Kantejian is a large dry planet while not quite being desert its surface only contains about 40% water coverage and some 17% ice coverage. The rest is mostly grasslands, mountains and deserts. With small collections of forests, jungles or swamps near the oceans where mountains can block enough rain. The planet has an abnormally large collection of underground structures both natural and artificial.

The self and continental structure is such that there are not true continents, rather the surface is one large continues landmass with large "Inland" saltwater seas. with smaller freshwater lakes and rivers running between them and mountains. The land can, however, be largely divided into thirty-two distinct geographic areas. Separated by major rivers, lakes, mountains, seas, or indeed large biome shifts. With much more of the surface water being located on the western Hemisphere of the planet.

3 Majors Seas. (Located mostly on the Equator)
2 Minor Seas. (Both located in the Western Hemisphere)
4 Major freshwater lakes. (Located in a Cluster in the south of the Western Hemisphere)
3 Super Deserts. (Central, Northern, and Southern)
3 Minor Deserts. (Located on the Equator in the Eastern Hemisphere)
2 Major Grasslands. (Both Northern in Western/Eastern Hemisphere)
1 Major flood plane. (On Equator in West)
2 Major Savannah. (Both in the East)
1 Minor Savannah. (In the west)
2 Polar Icecaps. (At North and South poles)
2 Tundras. (Located near polar ice caps)
1 Archipelago. (Located in one of the Major Seas)
3 Forests. (Located around the major seas)
1 High Altitude Rain forest. (Located in the central desert planes of the Southern Hemisphere)
2 Minor Jungles. (Equator West)
1 Major wetland/Swamp. (Equator West)

4 Major Mountain Ranges. (Not included as biomes)
3 Minor Mountain Ranges. (Not included as a biome)


The governmental structure of the KatPeople in labyrinthine and Beuacratic at all levels except for the very top which is held by a single member of the Imperial family. And is made up of several levels of government.

Queen Katra the 47th.
Daughter of Queen Katra the 46th.
Grand Daughter of Queen Katra the 45th.
Great Grand Daughter of Queen Katra the 44th.
Young queen of the most imperious house of KatPeoplesian.
Nineteen years of age but wise beyond her years.
Any childish or angry behavior is simply a facade.

The Current queen was selected much like her predecessors by the former queen, in a non-her editorial selection process that none the less tends to choce the direct daughter of the former queen.

The planet is administrated by 240 other female members of the Royal Family, each chose by the queen. But in truth, the titles largely change hands between mother and daughter with the queen only stepping in to punish failure or to address vacancies when a seat comes open. Some times even allowing direct elections between a number of available house members.

Then at lower levels, each administrative area has a local government consisting of feudal lords and elected mayors and magistrates. With a complicated system of checks and balances. Indeed Katpeople law is so labyrinthine that it often takes Lawyers and judges ten to fifteen years to make their way through law school. A process that produces quite a number of nervous breakdowns.

The Royal KatPeoples Military
The Royal Militia
The Royal Militia is made up by female KatPeople who are currently serving there two year required service time. They stay at home and act as 'town or county guards' and are called up for military service if needed. They receive an extensive and top-notch week-long training program.
Equipment: Second line armor normally made of leather, padding. A fire arm, normally a bolt action rifle. A melee weapon, often what ever they have laying around or there family has avalable. The Militia spends just as much if not far more of its time in public works, law enforecement and natural disaster relife then anything else.

The Royal Army
The professional arm of the Royal Military.
Made up of Militia members who stay on after their time is up. Armed and equipped better then the Militia they, for the most part, are used to train and lead the Militia.
Equipment: A "Modern" Rifle. Sidearm pistol. Armor much like the Militia. Melee Weapon.
Vehicles: "Armored fighting cars" Basically a truck with a machine gun.
"Fire support car" Basically a truck with a small artillery gun on it.

The Royal Navy
Generally seen manning armed fishing ships.

The Royal Air Force
Generally manning anti-air guns and aircraft spotting stations.
Has an extensive fleet of lighter than air vehicles.
Has an extensive fleet of prop and rotar wing aircraft.

The Royal Coast Guard
Manning speed boats, tug boats, and fishing boats. Also in charge of lighthouses.
Deeply respected, because Katpeople's doesn't like water.

The Royal Space Force
Manning the most powerful telescopes in the nation.
Sizable fleet of "Spaceplanes"
Small number of rockets and unmanned space probes.

The Royal Police
The nation's police force.
Equipment: Normally armed with leather armor and staffs.

The Royal Guard
The Queens Personal all-female Body guard and Intelligence service.
Mostly drawn from Orphans raised by the military.
Have the most advanced military equipment and vehicles easily outdating most of the military proper by a great deal.


The economy of the planet is much like the government complicated.
Food production is efficient and mostly state-run, with fish, cattle, and fruits being the bulk of the diet. With food likewise being one of the most common off-world or "gate traded" communities. Most citizens still largely live in traditional homes and communities with only small spots of high technology worked into there lives. Mass transit a major factor in daily life. And the population widespread out over the surface of the planet.
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