Hunterate of nam-Cholkük-Kyzhaq

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Hunterate of nam-Cholkük-Kyzhaq

Post by Schwieger » Fri Oct 04, 2019 3:22 am

Hunterate of

"Namenhontyrnat telvaraskaya
nochonenchelas holvyrüchna.
Hel namenhontyrnatshyk
telvaraskaya talholte nochonskaya."

3 - 4 trillion

Grazhni Sylaq

Official Language:

Primary Species:


High Hunter Council of

Grand Feylorium
Colony of the Alabaster Kingdom
"It is embarrassing that we Pords sit here while our allies disappear one by one and do nothing."

For countless cycles, the High Hunters of Nalydya presided over an era of great peace and prosperity. Since arriving in the NS continuum, no major conflicts threatened the existence of the state, and Pordish attention could be devoted to other matters - economy, industry, science... Culture. Unsurprisingly, Nalydya emerged as a founding member of GESO - a trade organization established in the Milky Way - and also of the UMS (a union of Pordkind's most trusted allies), and for a time, these organizations thrived.

This state of affairs was destroyed in 415 ABT when the Dread Kingdom of Frankia, after claiming to have seen the rise of "neo-Barlatism", began their invasion of both the UMS and GESO. Neither faction survived the war, and though Nalydya was ultimately victorious, the conflict irrecoverably destroyed the balance of power that had existed for innumerable ages. Triskel, Alterra, Frankia, Kressnia, and countless other star-states ended the conflict with nothing after having entered it with everything.

However, the end of the Franko-UMS War saw the creation of the Sacred League to act as a deterrent against further aggression by the Dread Kingdom, and to provide a unified front against a polity that surfaced during the chaos of the conflict: the Dominion of Black Sun. Pursuant to this effort, a Nalydian foothold in the Frankum Atkanum Galaxy was established. The Hunterate of nam-Kyzhaq-Cholkük was created from the remains of the once-Frankian Septimania and Grand Feylorium star-systems, and it was given the unenviable task of keeping a wary eye on Frankian recovery.

High Hunter Cholkük - the overall head of the Great House of Natynozh - and Admiral nam-Kyzhaq were well aware of the magnitude of their undertaking. To help alleviate some of the concerns of the High Hunter Council, it was decided that a more suitable location would be chosen to serve as a base of operations within the FA Galaxy. A massive O-type star was selected and a vast world-disk was constructed to orbit around it. Situated 5,600 AU from the fierce blue giant, the disk Grazhni Amaruq was given the title of capital of the Hunterate.

A Disk Given Aim
"You are correct, von Yamsai. Perhaps it would just fill you with a certain joy to know other colonization projects beyond the Yamsai'an ones have failed."

Pordish analysts had been made aware of the gradual degradation of the multiversal membrane of the greater NS continuum (the amalgam of all the higher and lower order domains, fractals, planes, timelines, and proximal universes that comprise the greater NS multiversal system) before the Franko-UMS War even began. It thus came as no surprise to them that, not long after the Ancerious Continuum wormhole opened in Ellian space, more wormholes of similar natures began cropping up throughout the Milky Way.

Less expected was the formation of a wormhole but a stone's throw from the interdiction around Sylaq. With terribly Pordish rapidity, it was found to be man-made, and after verifying that it was not a ploy by the Dominion of Black Sun to establish a new front in the FA Galaxy not far from the Franks with whom they found themselves unintentionally allied, Pordish surveyors and diplomats were sent to investigate the anomaly. Beyond the shrouded maw they found civilization, and quickly were able to work out the finer details of establishing a presence in the... Cultivated beyond that lay before them.

With the connection to the Nexus sat at the edge of their system, it was uniquely poised to allow the Pords access to that which they actively sought: other civilizations, both mighty and poor, to help further their understanding of the mortal plane (and, as their fellow denizens of the void are one of a small handful of threats to their well-being, monitor.) Thus Hunter Hunter Cholkük and Admiral nam-Kyzhaq, mindful of the opportunity before them, did not hesitate: they supported the establishment of an official Pordish presence in the Nexus, and it was not long before the colony ran into other star-polities from myriad 'verses distant.
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