Order of Malta

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Nexus Client: Order of Malta
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Client Species: Human
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Order of Malta

Post by Mrs Vote » Thu Oct 24, 2019 1:07 pm

Order of Malta
A2 Client of Species:Human
Population: 34 billion
Capital: Malta
Official Language: English
Demonym: Maltan

President Victoria Smith

Home system:
Name: Sol
Spectral Class: G

Planet: Mercury
Planetary Class: K

Planet: Venus
Planetary Class: N

Planet: Earth
Planetary Class: M
Moons: 1 (Class D)

Planet: Mars
Planetary Class: O
Order of Malta

According to some theories every choice made by everyone creates multiple universes where the choice made was different. In 2534 B.C.E. an outcome changed in a small battle between Germanic barbarians, this led to an entirely different reality where a religion originating from Malta turned into a force of science uniting the people's of Earth.

The sol system has seen many changes over the past two century's. Massive mining and terroforming operations of all planets from the system's one sun out to Mars. Mercury and Venus remain largely uninhabited due to their close proximity to the sun but extensive autonomous mining operations strip them of any useful minerals. These minerals are loaded onto massive automated ships which transport their cargo to Mona the Earth's moon where they are refined and either transported to Earth or Mars. Earth had been devastated by unregulated pollution but recent clean up operations and the relocation of heavy industry to Mars has brought about a quick recovery of Earth's natural beauty. Mars is the location of the Order's main industrial capacity and is thus very heavily defended, the planet is now breathable without assistance but massive generators are required to maintain the atmosphere as the planet's own gravitational pull isn't strong enough to retain a thick atmosphere.

The Nexus Gate

The Nexus gate wasn't located until very recently, long range defense systems picked up a strange UFO in Order space. Upon investigation the strange object was revealed to be round metal disk with a center that shimmered on touch and could be crossed to another world, it was towed to Ganymede, the largest of Jupiter's moons. There it was housed in a fortified star base and only after 6 months of intense debate in the senate decided that it was advantageous to send in explorers.The Order is extremely new to the Nexus and so infrastructure for large interaction has yet to be constructed and many are wary of what they might find on the other side.


In the year 1004 B.C.E. a young man who's name is lost to history wrote a series of commandments on a slab of stone. These commandments became the guiding word of the Island of Malta and would develop into a full religion over the next 200 years. This religion was like no other and pushed progress over everything else, science was their faith and the new technology that Malta developed helped spread this religion all over the world. By 400 A.D. Malta was the center of a massive religious empire which helped the distribution of resources and thus accelerated scientific advancement. In 1845 amid a time of unprecedented innovation the top nations of the world came together and united under the Maltan banner. As high education became commonplace the religion faded but the drive for progress didn't, the Order of Malta believes in progress over anything else and will do anything to achieve it.


The geography of the Order is extensive, from Earth's luscious forest to the melted magma of Venus. There isn't really any way to properly sum up the Order's geography.


Maltans don't normally bother themselves with intricate politics as they are too wrapped up in science projects but they understand the need for a governing body to ensure trade is fair and security is provided. The Order of Malta is a representative republic which balances power between a senate and president residing in Malta. The government mainly concerns itself with subsidizing new industries, providing education, and expanding infrastructure. Private industry is encouraged but a fair number of state companies exist to provide competition and ensure a steady supply of goods at a low price for the people. Civil liberties are extremely extensive and the government doesn't care as long as what people do doesn't effect the lives of others in a negative manner.


The economy of the Order of Malta is driven by the same yearn for progress that science is. Massive corporations manufacture more than enough goods for the people to use and the profit goes straight into R&D departments across the nation. Most of the nations heavy and polluting industry has migrated to Mars where they can pollute to their hearts content without damaging Earth's fragile ecosystem. All heavy labor is automated and most humans work in labs instead of factories. State owned companies produce cheap goods for the nations poor but they number in the few. Malta's economy can be compared to an ant colony, each ant is working together to build a bigger, better future instead of squabbling over material wealth.

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