Are you a god?

Unless you are a P1 nation, you are likely to have a rather varied history getting to where you are. Use this forum to explore your client's, and your world's, past. Whether that be a few years from the present time, or many years ago...

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Are you a god?

Post by Queen Katra » Thu Oct 24, 2019 4:14 pm

The creation gate had been known for quite some time to the Katpeopeles. Seen with telescopes from the surface of the planet for centuries. And visited by probes and then explorers for decades as the race started to spend up manned flights to the close lunar surface. Indeed space travel had become the surface and the closest moon had become a normal enough event that children had been born on the lunar outposts now. And a small city of research structures had cropped up around the gate itself.

The scientists, priests and government officials assuming that it was after all another example of four runners technology, maybe even an answer to the question of what had happened to them. And when the gate started to 'act up' it was taken as much another example of the ancient technology still functioning after all this time. And when it became clear that it would open, the Imperial family sent there 'dedication' to the gate. It took every orbital conveyance available to get the gate, just under one hundred people in total.

They didn't after all go in blind, a number of unmanned drones being sent and returned first. And it came as quite a shock and a great disappointment that the gate itself wasn't in fact on the surface of a planet. Which would mean more delays as they were forced to build a large enough space-going vessel to actually take the dedication? After all the entire space force was simply lifting craft and a few ships built in near planet orbit used for exploration and mining operations. But one of the large mining ships would have to do as a base for the new ship.

Command Center / Ships bridge.

The young princess lounged on a chaise with food and drink mostly finished in front of her as she looked over the departure orders and list of items now stored on the 'ship'... It had been almost three years since the start of construction on the 'contact ark' and while much thought had been put into what would go on the ship and how it would be outfitted. The ship was after all little more than a repurposed mining and refinement ship. She really coulnt help but think that anyone who could build this gate would see the ship for what it was.

The spacegoing equivalent of a reed boat armed with cruiser missiles. A hull built by a race that should in truth be struggling to reach space, outfitted with the leftover technology of a vastly advanced race. But her concerns where of little real use, her cousin the Empress had ordered the expedition, and thus it was to be done.

Checking her cargo manifest again.
Food, cultural items, crafts, arts, music, spices, intellectual items...
And of coarse a group of armed soldiers, diplomats, entertainers, and others. She knew the are and food was likely more useful than the soldiers. After all, even if the forerunners where on the other side, they would likely be more interested in food and art then the meager technological achievement of her race.

"Captain-Commander you have permission to take us out, we are as prepared as we are going to be. In the name of the Empress go forth!"

She didn't bother to get up, but she made sure the words where forceful. The commander saluting and turning to repeat the order. The gate snapping to respond as the ship moved forward, opening and indeed just like the probes and drones transporting the two kilometers long repurposed cargo and mining ship to space unknown. The princess voicing her curiosity as they moved.

"Will we meet gods or deamons..."

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