Oizys First Contact

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Re: Oizys First Contact

Post by Xah » Tue Jul 16, 2019 8:08 am

The Advocate watches the unfolding conflict on the world below with a mixture of professional interest and personal distaste. Violence and aggression was an unfortunate facet of life for most species, especially predatory ones, or those with dominance based hierarchical structures. Nexus Law had been created in part to account for this proclivity, with Conflict Zones designed to limit the effects and eliminate excess collateral damage. War on a world such as Phorcys, with its delicate ecosystem and borderline habitability was even worse, but the Owner saw now that their arrival was almost guaranteed to provoke this reaction with the oizys; their evolutionary heritage and psychological make-up, whilst essential for their survival, was not well adapted to handling what had been termed 'Outside Context Problems' - the kind of event most civilisations encountered at least once, in the same way sentences encountered a period.

"Confederation of Swarms have aggressed against you. Retaliate-destroy them, ensure survival-loyalty of New Axis and benefit-furtherance of Nexus Collective"

The Advocate returned its primary attention to the room, signalling a request to the Nexus for cloaked recon drones to observe the ongoing conflict. The debate between the two factions in the room continued for a little longer.

"...But Owners, T'tu, I't'i'i - can liberate our Swarms. Only we desire peace-progress with alien intelligence."

"The Nexus shall remain neutral in this conflict," the Advocate said to both parties. "Your status as Client is not yet determined as it was not officially granted but I will continue to represent your interests to the Nexus until the Client faction is resolved. As such, requests for assistance to Nexus Clients cannot be officially sanctioned and will not be relayed through Nexus communication channels. If Clients wish to get involved, they may request through myself, but have a high likelihood of being denied unless they largely consist of aid.

"Your species has shown itself capable of basic levels of orbital access, so we shall re-locate the Nexus Gate an intermediate circular orbit of an altitude of 2,500 kilometres around Phorcys. As the appointed Advocate of your world, I hereby declare that whichever faction in the ongoing conflict can create and maintain consistent access to this orbit shall be granted official Client status. Consistent access consists of the infrastructure and technical capability to raise a crewed vessel from your surface to match the Gate's orbit, and return to the surface, with a success rate of no less than one loss for every twenty launches, and a frequency of at least five launches per orbital period. The faction that I deem capable of sustaining this shall be given Client status.

"If this can be maintained for five orbital periods, then re-location of the Gate to the surface may be negotiated. Should the conflict on the surface render all factions incapable of attaining orbital spaceflight, then criteria may be altered. The Nexus reserves the right to change the conditions of this offer at any point, without notification.

"Once a faction has succeeded in obtaining official Client status, then that faction shall be given all the rights and privileges associated with being a Client of the Nexus, including negotiation with other Clients for any assistance said Clients are willing to provide. As this is a non-martial contest, we encourage all factions on Phorcys to desist from violence to focus resources on the task." The Advocate didn't think its request for the cessation of violence would even be acknowledged, let alone acted on, but it didn't hurt to ask.

"More vessels have been allocated to return to your world, the barrier between the two factions shall remain for your safety. Please signal where you wish to be relocated to and it shall be done."

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