Creating a Client

The Nexus

Technology Level

Inhabitants of a universe that a Gate opens into are called ‘Clients’ and from the moment of first contact are allowed access to the surface of the Nexus up to 20 km in altitude. When a new Gate is opened, the first faction to whom first contact is made is the designated Client, so it could be any nation or group that exists within that world that controls the gate and access to the Nexus. Civilisations that are found by the Nexus can be at varying levels of technological development, from the earliest tools to the ability to manipulate the very fabric of space-time.

When you are creating your own Client to participate in the roleplay, choosing an appropriate technology level is paramount in creating a nation that fits the play style you would like to engage in. Take a look at the options below.


The Nexus gates open up into a variety of different places across multiple universes, so there is a large possibility that the species the Nexus encounters is unique. While humanoid-like creatures are frequently found, other more exotic species are sometimes seen when a gate opens to a new world. Whatever you decide to base your civilisation on, know that there is nearly always one dominant species that will develop in a single area in the universe unless there is a symbiosis between that species and others of equal intelligence.

When picking your species, know that while we accept the majority of species types, the Council of Brilliance reserves the right to veto any species that it deems unrealistic or otherwise invalid to the lore of The Nexus, especially species that exhibit magical or godlike powers. Be prepared to justify your species.

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