RGP Technology Legalisation Act

Jan 5, 2016 | Archive


1. This Act shall be cited as the RGP Technology Legalisation Act.


2. This act shall fulfil the legislation for the record and management of active tech in the region, as defined in the RGP Rules.

Space Tech Level

3. The region shall be considered to be a Post-Modern region that has extensive knowledge of the current solar system and has just begun expanding into and developing systems to expand beyond it.

Economic Tech Level

4. The region shall be considered to be at a stage where a post-scarcity economy is able to be achieved in a nation that has reached the higher end tech level of the region.

Active Legal Tech

5. The following technology shall be recorded as being active and legal:
(a) Artificial Intelligence, including the use of androids and specialised intelligences.
(b) Hover technology, for use in both hover cars and supersonic jets.
(c) Quantum computing, including all the side effects such as:

  1. Quantum networking, including secure communication.
  2. Quantum sensing.
  3. Quantum shielding.
  4. Quantum propulsion systems.
  5. Quantum lasers.
  6. Nanotechnology.

(d) Technologically based psychic abilities.
(e) Technological body modifications.
(f) Wireless transfer of electricity.
(g) Limited terraforming.


RGP Date

January 09, 2322